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BVB Personal Journey? Was it to a bank or a casino?

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By John Donovan

Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden claims that he has been on a personal journey in relation to authorising Shell’s latest Arctic gamble.

All due credit for the courage needed to take such a huge risk. The same applies to Shell’s takeover of the BG Group and the alliance with the corrupt and murderous Putin regime. All could go terribly wrong.

With regards to economics, the price of oil is an important factor in all three ventures. Shell has now admitted that oil prices are likely to remain low for some time. 

The problem with his personal journey is that BVD does not have the right to make reckless gambles that might end up not only destroying Shell, as the Macondo disaster very nearly did to BP but also adversely impacting on inhabitants of the planet, including humankind. 

Drilling in Arctic waters is an entirely different and vastly more hazardous gamble than drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Perhaps BVD is taking these monumental gambles because he has to justify his massive fat cat package. A strategy of spreading Shell’s bets. 

The rest of us have more unselfish concerns about the potential dire consequences if Shell’s incompetence and financial machinations continue to plague its ill-fated offshore Arctic ambitions.

Frankly, the new oddball leader for Shell’s Arctic drilling, Ann Packard, does not inspire confidence. It was she that accidently gave the game away about Shell embedding spies throughout the Nigerian government. Not exactly a safe pair of hands to deal with one of the risky ventures on which Shell is betting its future (and ours). and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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