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This warning is about scam artists using Shell’s name to front bogus job recruitment schemes, fake lotteries, sham business propositions etc. We receive enquiries from people trying to fathom whether purported communications from Shell are genuine.  If you have doubts about the authenticity of any purported communication from Shell, please click this link to view the Fraud and Scam alert on the website.

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  1. kasra says:

    i won your royah dutch shell promo award,and text messeage for me. what can i should??

  2. Dave says:

    I am an 80 year old man who recently had open heart surgery with a lot of difficultly just surviving, and I was recently the victim of Shell Oil’s conspiracy to use policy and tactics to hook people into a late fee situation and make it impossible for you to reach someone at Shell to resolve your problem. In the meantime they keep adding
    outrageous gouging fees which Shell employees refer to as their “Escalating Fee” program. It’s a criminal conspiracy designed to prevent you from resolving your problem while they escalate your balance into the hundreds. For example a $35.00 penalty for an $8.25 charge I had forgotten to pay when I asked to cancel my
    accidental insurance with Shell. Within 60 days my 8.25 escalated into $93.00+ AND RISING. In addition, they canceled my Shell credit card capriciously and vindictively when I questioned the fairness of their policy. Shell Oil is evil and it’s demise is pending.

  3. The Black Knight says:

    This is for ‘Angel’. Google ‘Shell Spying’. It seems even the US government is not immune from IP theft. Even if the information is classified military secrets. Shell has no shame and a voracious appetite for proprietary IP. Ask John when he will have more to say on the matter.

  4. angel says:

    Shell with its numerous group of companies operates like a giant octopus which hides under the Shell of nations. In order to defeat Shell in a typical law suite, find its Shell in its continent of operations in the U.S it is Shell Oil Company, in Nigeria it is Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria. Never be fool to take a Shell to court because it would mean taking the a whole American or Nigerian, or U.K nation to court, it would mean taking America or Nigeria to court, and that is where they would they would like to put you. Rather use the Shell to get to the real Shell company, which is Shell Exploration and Production Inc, which manage the Shell exploration thefts globally. Shell Exploration and Production manages all Shell operations business for more oil and gas theft globally and Shell International Exploration and Production manages all its intellectual property/IP theft and exploitation of its employees and small business Patent/IP. Shell operates a Phoenix project in Nigeria call Remote Operations and Implementations Capability, that technology patent was stolen through a gamechanger process through corrupt Shell managers in a GameChanger process. The IP patent fetches Shell 45 million dollars in revenue yearly from Nigeria operations in Shell marginal field and Shell Bonga projects, while the company the IP was stolen from is still recovering from Shell theft. Never reveal your IP or partner in anyway with a Shell GameChanger. The brightest and the smartest must run away from Shell GameChanger machine or Shell Technology Ventures or Shell International and Exploration, because they are of the same kind,, a serial thief or poacher. Never reveal anything to Shell E&P except your lawyers have found a way of binding Shell thief to a Shell to give your all your money or benefits upfront. Shell Management is bad news for business because they do not respect the law. You must do whatever it takes to expose Shell hypocrisy. Shell fire wall is the Governments and Nations of the World, as well as your structure within your own company. Beware Shell may be inside your organisation watching you pretending to be your friend.

  5. jiggalator says:

    what is the proper procedure to fire a shell operator. does the operator have to have any letters in his or her file.

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