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Richemont’s Rupert Opposes Shell’s Gas Plans in Karoo, Star Says

By Nasreen Seria – Jan 31, 2011 7:05 AM GMT

Cie. Financiere Richemont SA Chairman Johann Rupert is opposed to a plan by Royal Dutch Shell Plc to explore for gas in South Africa’s Karoo region until further environmental studies are conducted, the Star reported, citing Rupert.

Shell must do further tests on the possible impact of its exploration on the water systems, geology and environment, Rupert told a public meeting in the Karoo town of Graaff-Reinet on Jan. 28, the Johannesburg-based newspaper said. Rupert, who owns farms in the area, said Shell could risk “ecological damage” that could be worse than BP Plc’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Star reported. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell Looks for Partnership With Rosneft


31 January 2011

DAVOS, Switzerland — Peter Voser, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, said he’s looking at a partnership with Rosneft to hunt for oil reserves.

“We are talking about potential exploration” together, Voser said Friday in Davos, Switzerland. “Partnership with national oil companies is part of our business model.”

Shell, ExxonMobil and BP are teaming up with government-controlled companies in oil-rich countries to gain access to resources. Rosneft, Russia’s biggest energy company, this month agreed to swap $8 billion in shares with BP and explore Russia’s Kara Sea. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Is Begich of Alaska trying to strong-arm the EPA on behalf of Shell?

John, he sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee and they have already received your email with that Navy/ONR memo.

I read the article about Begich of Alaska trying to strong-arm the EPA on behalf of RD Shell.  I have attached a link to his webpage.

This is just a suggestion, but you may want to drop him a line and let him know about the email received from the DoI’s Inspector General office regarding the ongoing DoI investigation of RD Shell as it pertains to the Navy’s espionage investigation of RD Shell. You could include a link to that Navy/ONR memo listing the classification authorities. Just a suggestion, but there is no harm in stirring the pot. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Royal Dutch Shell Malaysian pension fund controversy

If you haven't seen the attached, it may interest you to know that the attached is a copy of Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company's internal management exchange which was leaked by one of the employees who is disgusted with Shell. You may take note that Shell cheats on paying the Retirement Benefit Fund resulting in the class action at Miri High Court by ex and current staff of Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company. and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Royal Dutch Shell tried to blackmail reserves whistleblower

Shell lawyers to Dr Huong:

…positive steps must be taken by you to ensure that these notices must be given to all persons’, not only Donovan, who are able to operate and maintain the web site. As such by simply writing to Donovan to request him to remove your postings as you have done is not in full compliance with para 3 of the order of court. We therefore expect you to take all positive steps to ensure the postings are removed and deleted immediately.

By John Donovan

In June 2004, EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies collectively sued a former Shell Malaysia employee, Dr John Huong (above), for alleged defamation in respect of articles published on this website owned and operated by Alfred and John Donovan. The litigation involved multiple injunctions served against Dr Huong, including  committal proceedings demanding his imprisonment for exposing serious misdeeds by Shell senior management, including the filing of false information about claimed hydrocarbon reserves.
read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Begich Asks EPA to Swiftly Resolve Shell’s Air Permit Issues – Jan 29,2011 – In an effort to give Shell Oil the opportunity to move forward in 2011 on exploration in the Beaufort Sea, U.S. Sen. Mark Begich requested Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson swiftly resolve outstanding issues created by the recent Environmental Appeals Board’s (EAB) remand of air quality permits for exploration in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas.

Begich also met today with Shell President Marvin Odum about Shell’s exploration plans, the federal hurdles that remain, and Begich’s ongoing efforts to help the company with its development plans in Alaska. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

OIL POLITICS: The Emperor with no clothes


By Nnimmo Bassey: January 27, 2011 03:21AMT

The Dutch parliament yesterday placed the Royal Dutch Shell before the mirror in a groundbreaking act of scrutiny over the severe environmental and social footprint of the oil giant on the Niger Delta. 

Shell may be the only one being grilled but that does not by any means suggest that the likes of Chevron, Exxon, ENI and Total are not mired in the serial abuses in the region. The spotlight at The Hague needs to be replicated in Washington, Rome, Paris, Oslo, and elsewhere.  read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell whistleblower Dr Huong accuses Shell of psychological torture

I am very disappointed with Shell in the person of Mr. Thuvakumar for the psychological torture inflicted on me for almost four years.  In his affidavit affirmed on 6.11.2007 before the Commissioner of Oath, Mr. Thuvakumar and the Shell Counsel knew very well that I was not the author of the publications – the “Corruption crisis of the Malaysian Judiciary” and the “unlawful deduction” from the Employee’s Provident Fund from ex-Shell employees. He used the same tactics used from the outset of the litigation blaming me for internet publication by the Donovan’s over which I have no influence. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Production on Shell Ogoni Oil Wells Recommences

NNPC to Begin Production On Shell’s Ogoni Oil Wells

By Chika Amanze-Nwachuku Published 28 January 2011

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) said Thursday that the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), its producing arm, will soon commence production from the 30 oil fields belonging to Shell Petroleum Development and Production Company (SPDC) in Ogoniland.

Group Managing Director (GMD) of NNPC, Engr. Austen Oniwon, who confirmed the development in an interview with journalists in Abuja, said the move was in line with the Corporation’s mandate to produce 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day in 2015. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell under fire for alleged environmental, human rights violations

Latika Bourke reported this story on Friday, January 28, 2011 12:50:00

TANYA NOLAN: Dutch oil company Shell has been grilled over its operations in Africa’s Niger Delta amid claims of pollution and abuses.

Shell’s executives have been called before a parliamentary inquiry in the Hague where they’ve been asked about oil spills and gas flaring causing atmospheric pollution.

But the company’s been quick to blame Nigerian militants for much of the environmental destruction in the region. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell’s Voser Looks to Rosneft for Exploration Deal

By Francine Lacqua and Brian Swint – Jan 28, 2011 9:55 AM GMT+0000

Peter Voser, chief executive officer of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, said he’s looking at a partnership with Russia’s state-owned OAO Rosneft to hunt for oil reserves.

“We are talking about potentially exploration” together, Voser said today in a Bloomberg Television interview in Davos, Switzerland. “Partnership with national oil companies is part of our business model. This is the way to go, we are driving this, and we’re quite happy to have these relationships.” read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell CEO on BP Bid Rumor: We Grow Organically

Published: Friday, 28 Jan 2011 | 3:46 AM ET By: Antonia Oprita
Web Producer, CNBC

Royal Dutch Shell is seeking to grow organically and sees demand for oil and gas rising over the next years, CEO Peter Voser told CNBC Friday in an interview from Davos.

On January 4, BP’s shares hit a six-month high after a report in the UK newspaper Daily Mail said Royal Dutch Shell had considered bidding for it at the height of the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis.

Asked whether his company had considered bidding for BP, Voser said: “The standard answer would be I don’t comment on these things, but the other answer is we have invested heavily in our organic growth… I think we have enough on our plate, let’s go and do our own business.” read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Dr Huong evidence refuting Shell defamation law suit

By John Donovan

After EIGHT companies within the Royal Dutch Shell Group collectively buried him in legal proceedings, including multiple injunctions, as part of a draconian defamation action in respect of allegations published on this website, former Shell production geologist, Dr John  Huong begun assembling evidence to substantiate that the allegations were true.

His efforts were hampered by sinister activities by Shell and repeated attempts by the Shell collective to have him committed to prison for alleged contempt of court in respect of further publications on this website. The High Court Judge told Shell to sue me, not Dr Huong, but Shell insisted for several years in terrorizing Dr Huong and his family to the extent, as already revealed, that he felt it necessary to use body guards. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Sabah can review oil deal with Petronas

INTRO BY JOHN DONOVAN: Royal Dutch Shell, in bed with a thoroughly corrupt dictatorship regime in Malaysia and its state-owned puppet oil company, Petronas, has plundered the mineral riches of Malaysia for many decades. Same evil exploitation policy as in Nigeria – Shell will deal with the devil if that’s what it takes to extract the hydrocarbon riches, which rightly belong to the people. And this has continued even under the fiction of a claimed ethical code. Sabah, one of 13 member states of Malaysia, has become the poorest in the country despite its massive mineral riches. Please read this article published by the website: Free Malaysia Today.
read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

An Taisce says Shell approval ‘legally flawed’

LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent

AN TAISCE intends to seek a judicial review of An Bord Pleanála’s approval for the final section of the Corrib gas pipeline.

The environmental organisation’s chairman Charles Stanley-Smith believes the board’s ruling last week was “legally flawed”, and may have “major implications for the status of implementing European directives in Ireland”, including the habitats directive.

An Taisce’s view is supported by the Environmental Pillar of Social Partnership, involving a number of non-governmental organisations. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Nigeria oil spill payouts would encourage terrorism, Shell claims

Royal Dutch Shell has been forced to defend its record on oil spills and human rights in Nigeria in the face of a barrage of criticism before a panel of Dutch politicians.

Shell has been trying to sell up to $4bn of onshore oil assets in Nigeria for more than a year Photo: Alamy Rowena Mason By Rowena Mason 9:13PM GMT 26 Jan 2011

At a hearing in The Hague, Shell was bombarded with accusations from Amnesty International and other pressure groups who claim as many as 9m barrels have been spilt in the African nation since oil exploration began in the 1950s.

Not only are campaigners angry about alleged oil spills, but also pollution caused by flaring gas from drilling operations into the atmosphere.

On Wednesday, Shell executives insisted they would not pay compensation for up to 2,000 oil spills caused by sabotage. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Dutch lawmakers grill Shell on Nigerian operations

By ARTHUR MAX – Jan 26, 2011 4:05 PM GMT+0000
By The Associated Press

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Royal Dutch Shell executives defended their much-criticized operation in the Niger Delta before Dutch lawmakers on Wednesday but said the company will not pay compensation for pollution caused by sabotage and vowed to fight a $100 million fine imposed by a Nigerian court for a 40-year-old oil spill.

In a parliamentary hearing in The Hague, Amnesty International and environmental groups accused Shell of abusing human rights, failing to clean up disastrous environmental damage and continuing the hazardous practice of flaring gas from about 100 wells. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

The Video Shell Doesn’t Want You to See

Han Shan

Posted: May 26, 2009 05:33 PM

For over thirteen years, multinational oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has done everything in its power to stop a trial from taking place at which the company must answer to charges that it colluded with the Nigerian military to commit serious human rights abuses to quell peaceful resistance to its operations in the Niger Delta region called Ogoni, including conspiring to bring about the conviction and execution of Ogoni leader Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight of his colleagues.

On Tuesday, there was a last-minute announcement that the trial is postponed with no new date given but it is expected to commence soon, and the plaintiffs — Ogoni villagers and family members of people who were killed — will finally have their day in court. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Dutch Lawmakers Question Shell on Oil Pollution in Nigeria


Published: January 26, 2011

Royal Dutch Shell officials faced tough questions from Dutch lawmakers on Wednesday over pollution from its oil operations in Nigeria at a conference convened in the Netherlands to shed light on the oil giant’s dealings in the West African country.

Environmental organizations and business officials at the round-table meeting in The Hague differed sharply on how much responsibility Shell should take for the environmental damage. The devastation is particularly severe in the poor and fragile Niger Delta region, which has suffered more from oil production than perhaps any other place on earth after years of spills caused by rickety infrastructure, theft and sabotage. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

WikiLeaks: Cable reveals Shell funded Nigerian rebels ‘peace camp’

Confidential Diplomatic cable from the U.S. Embassy in Abuja in 2005, Nigeria, reveals Shell paid $100,000 to fund a gathering of Nigerian rebels, supposedly a “Peace Camp”. When militiamen discovered that the meeting was funded by Shell, they rioted and gang members fought among themselves.


251052Z Apr 05

C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 03 LAGOS 000605



E.O. 12958: DECL: 04/25/2015

SUBJECT: MILITANT DELTA YOUTH SET ASIDE ARMS AND DIFFERENCES read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Royal Dutch Shell homepage with Nazi symbols?


Subject: Your homepage with Nazi symbols.

Dear Sir

I opened this link today and noticed some very strange parts. It looks like, that somebody “hacked” your homepage


Thanks for your email.

If you are under the impression that the website is owned and operated by Royal Dutch Shell Plc then that is the first issue I need to deal with. According to Shell we hijacked their rightful top level domain name, Shell issued proceedings in an attempt to seize the domain name, but lost the case. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

WikiLeaks: Royal Dutch Shell machinations over Iran sanctions

Latest leaked diplomatic cable from U.S. Embassy in The Hague confirms Shell exports oil to Iran, yet pressed for imposing broader UN trade sanctions on Iran and forcing Chinese and Russian firms to comply, so as to “level the playing field”. Shell’s Chinese and Russian partners in various multibillion dollar projects may not be impressed. Cable says Netherlands’ gas reserves are forecast to run out by 2030.

Reference ID: 09THEHAGUE596

Created: 2009-10-02 16:04

Released: 2011-01-22 17:05


Origin: Embassy The Hague




E.O. 12958: N/A

THE HAGUE 00000596 001.2 OF 004

1. (SBU) SUMMARY: Post warmly welcomes you to The Hague to
convene the 2009 Regional Energy Officers Conference. During
your stay, you will also meet the Foreign Minister, Economic
Affairs Minister, Royal Dutch Shell's Executive Director
responsible for Russia/Central Asia, and address Dutch energy
industry and policy leaders at the Netherlands' premier think
tank. No high-level U.S. official has discussed energy
security in the Netherlands (the world's fifth-largest
natural gas exporter) in several years. The Dutch
fundamentally share our commitment to enhancing Europe's
energy security through diverse sources and supply routes.
However, we would like the Dutch to take on a more prominent
role within the EU to achieve these objectives and avoid
backsliding into narrow commercial diplomacy. END SUMMARY.


2. (U) The Netherlands' energy position is unique within the
EU. It is the world's seventh largest gas producer and the
EU's largest net exporter of gas by a wide margin. The
Netherlands produces about 14 percent of the natural gas
consumed in Europe and has observer status at the recently
formed Gas Exporting Countries Forum. Since its discovery in
1959, the giant Groningen field has helped underwrite the
Dutch welfare state. (Note: Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil
are 50/50 partners in Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij
(NAM), the country's largest gas producer and 60 percent
shareholder of the Groningen field; the Dutch state operator
EBN owns the remainder. End note.) The Dutch economy runs
on natural gas -- it accounts for 45 percent of primary
energy supply and 58 percent of electricity production.

3. (U) The Netherlands' gas reserves are forecast to run out
by 2030, forcing the Dutch to rethink their energy policy.
To remain a regional energy player after its own resources
are depleted, the Dutch government is patiently cultivating
energy relationships with Russia, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Libya,
Qatar, and Angola as long-term supplier countries. The
Netherlands wants to develop as a natural gas roundabout --
a hub that gathers natural gas from various sources (North
Sea, LNG, Russia) and then distributes it via pipeline to
continental Europe.

4. (U) The Dutch are also pursuing opportunities to develop
gas storage reservoirs. The prevalence of depleted gas
fields means the Netherlands has huge storage potential,
either for natural gas or carbon dioxide (CCS). Abu Dhabi
national energy company TAQA announced in December 2008 it
would lead a consortium developing a USD 1 billion, 4.1
billion cubic meter gas storage facility in Bergermeer (in
conjunction with Gazprom and EBN) to be operational by 2013.
The Dutch oppose EU regulations that would require each EU
member state to have adequate gas storage capacity of its
own. The Dutch want to provide storage service to others in
the region -- for a price.

5. (SBU) The Port of Rotterdam is one of the world's major
centers for crude oil imports, trading, refining, and
petrochemical production. Key oil import sources include
Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Norway. Vitol, Trafigura, and
Shell operate there and export oil to Iran.

6. (U) The Dutch want Rotterdam to become an important
destination for LNG as well. Dutch companies Vopak (liquid
storage) and Gasunie (gas pipelines) are teaming up to build
a 12 billion cubic meter (bcm) per year LNG terminal at the
port, due for completion in 2011. TAQA is planning a
sea-based LNG terminal near Rotterdam. On the other side of
Qsea-based LNG terminal near Rotterdam. On the other side of
the country, energy company Essent (now owned by Germany's
RWE) is developing an LNG terminal with Vopak and Gasunie in
Eemshaven, near the German border.

7. (U) Despite the GONL's enthusiastic support for strict EU
renewable energy targets, the country derives only 2.5
percent of its total energy supply from renewables, mostly
biomass and wind. Grand plans and subsidy schemes abound for
offshore wind parks in the North Sea, but these have not left
the drawing board.

8. (U) The Netherlands has one 485 MW nuclear plant in
Borssele, co-owned by utilities Delta and Essent. Delta
wants to build additional reactors on the same site, but
nuclear energy is a political taboo, and the current
government is reluctant to approve any expansion plans.

9. (U) The Netherlands embraced full ownership unbundling of
its electricity and gas utility companies in order to attract
new investment capital and increae competition. Local
THE HAGUE 00000596 002.2 OF 004
government authorities have retained ownership of regulated
network businesses, but foreign energy giants RWE and
Vattenfall acquired the two largest Dutch energy supply and
production companies -- Essent and Nuon, respectively -- in
2009. The Dutch government was frustrated when Germany and
France succeeded in watering down the EU's unbundling rules
in favor of national champions.


10. (SBU) Dutch gas pipeline company Gasunie is 100 percent
state-owned, unlike most other European gas infrastructure
companies. The GONL maintains an arms-length relationship
with Gasunie's management, expecting it to operate like a
publicly traded company and earn a reasonable return of
around 7 percent for the government, according to Finance
Minister Wouter Bos.

11. (SBU) Gasunie holds a 9 percent stake in Gazprom's Nord
Stream pipeline. This participation was announced during
Prime Minister Balkenende's November 2007 visit to Russia.
Gasunie CEO Marcel Kramer told post the GONL gave positive
feedback to the deal as a way of retaining a significant
role for the Netherlands in Europe's energy equation. To
burnish Nord Stream's image, Gasunie has tried hard to
portray the project as ambitious but realistic; to
characterize Gazprom as driven by commercial concerns, not
political ones; and to leverage the Dutch reputation as
transparent, trustworthy businesspeople.

12. (SBU) Gasunie has a 60 percent share in the Bacton
Balgzand Line (BBL), operational since 2006, which transports
natural gas from the Netherlands to the UK (although it is
bi-directional). Belgian gas transport company Fluxys and
German energy giant e.ON Ruhrgas each have 20 percent shares.
In exchange for Gasunie's share in Nord Stream, Gazprom
received an option to buy a 9 percent stake in BBL. If
Gazprom exercises this option, the shares will come from
Gasunie, leaving it with a majority 51 percent. According to
Kramer, Gasunie had to explain to Gazprom that BBL meets EU
rules, meaning the shareholders just own and operate the
pipeline but cannot dictate who runs gas through it. Post
has heard that BBL did not reverse flow (i.e., send gas from
UK to continental Europe) during the winter 2009
Russia/Ukraine gas crisis.

13. (U) Gasunie bought BEB Transport -- the gas transport
division of a German Shell/Exxon joint venture -- in November
2007. BEB's pipelines tie into Gasunie's existing network,
linking the Netherlands to northern Germany, Berlin, Denmark,
and the landing points for Norwegian gas.

--------------------------------------------- ---------
--------------------------------------------- ---------

14. (SBU) Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen and Economic
Affairs Minister Maria van der Hoeven constitute an active
tag team on energy diplomacy with producer countries as they
pursue the Netherlands' vision of becoming a gas hub.
Verhagen, a career politician, and Van der Hoeven, an
educator before embarking on politics, both belong to the
center-right Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party, the
ruling coalition's largest. When you meet Van der Hoeven,
she will have just returned from the Kazakhstan International
Oil and Gas Expo and a September 23-26 visit to the U.S.
where she met with Energy Secretary Chu. A planned meeting
with Commerce Secretary Locke did not happen. Her Ministry
of Economic Affairs (MEA) spans energy, commerce, and trade.
Qof Economic Affairs (MEA) spans energy, commerce, and trade.
In the past year, she has visited Angola (March 2009 to lobby
for future LNG shipments to Rotterdam), Algeria (January 2009
also for LNG supplies), Russia (December 2008 for broad
energy investment), Qatar (October 2008 for LNG), and Saudi
Arabia (October 2008 for broad energy investment). Verhagen
visited Qatar and Saudi Arabia (May 2009) and Algeria
(November 2008) to push for closer economic and energy
cooperation as well as human rights.

15. (SBU) Under Van der Hoeven's lead, the Netherlands'
overarching goals in the energy sector are similar to ours:
maintain open markets, ensure diverse and secure supply
sources, and develop new and clean alternatives to fossil
fuels. As she said in a speech during her recent trip to
Washington, The way to improve energy supply security is to
build and maintain good relations with energy suppliers ...
The solution is a variety of sources and suppliers ... to
stimulate an energy mix for Europe that consists of the whole
palette: fossil fuels, sustainable energy, and nuclear energy
THE HAGUE 00000596 003.2 OF 004
on a way to sustainable energy. The Dutch support the main
points of EU strategic energy policy, especially
interconnections. However, they are reluctant to be Europe's
producer of last resort in the event of a gas crisis as they
plan to draw down their reserves slowly, prolonging the
buffer they enjoy by virtue of their domestic production.

16. (SBU) We expect Verhagen and Van der Hoeven to raise the
following issues:
-- U.S.-EU Energy Council: The Netherlands will want to play
an active role in the proposed UEEC and will be eager to hear
the U.S. vision for this body.
-- Caspian Basin: The Ministers will be interested to discuss
how the United States and the Netherlands can align our
energy strategy in the region. They will also want to
exchange views on the Caspian Development Corporation.
-- Energy Charter Treaty: Russia's decision to withdraw from
the ECT caught the Dutch by surprise. They judge it to be a
self-defeating move but will want to maintain other channels
of EU-Russia dialogue on energy matters.
-- Turkey/Southern Corridor: Minister Verhagen will likely
share the Dutch perspective on Nabucco and relations with
Turkey. (Note: Former Nabucco coordinator and Dutch
Foreign Minister Jozias van Aartsen is now Mayor of The
Hague. End Note.)
-- International Energy Forum: The Dutch have firm advocates
of IEF's producer-consumer dialogue. (Note: IEF Secretary
General Noe van Hulst is a Dutch national and former DG for
energy at MEA. End note.)
-- Russia: The Dutch acknowledge we have some differences
concerning Russia (see below) and will want to discuss them.
-- Iran: The GONL and Shell (see below) are both concerned
about proposed U.S. legislation to impose sanctions on
companies selling refined products to Iran. They think this
will only succeed in giving Chinese and Russian companies
access to Iran's hydrocarbon resources at the expense of U.S.
and European competitors.

17. (SBU) Commercial interests are always central to Dutch
economic relations and nowhere is this more evident than with
Russia. For example, during President Medvedev's June 2009
visit to the Netherlands, he met with representatives from
major Dutch companies including Shell, Phillips, and ING.
According to a well-placed MEA official, Prime Minister
Balkenende hit if off with Gazprom Chairman (and former
Russian PM) Viktor Zubkov during the visit and they agreed
that energy and gas cooperation remains central to their
relationship. The two countries committed to increasing
Russian companies' investment in the Port of Rotterdam, and
Russia's Lukoil acquired a 45 percent stake in a Total
refinery in south Holland. However, the Dutch are defensive
about the clubby atmosphere of these twice-yearly high-level
visits. GONL energy officials have told us bluntly in the
past, Don't lecture us about Russia. They are especially
sensitive to criticism about Nord Stream; MEA took offense at
the September 2008 editorial written by the then U.S.
Ambassador to Sweden raising objections to the pipeline.
Despite close commercial relations with Russia, the GONL
supports the so-called Gazprom clause and would likely try
to block a Russian takeover of a Dutch utility without
reciprocal market access.


18. (SBU) As Forbes' number two global corporation (after
GE), Rotal Dutch Shell exerts strong influence on Dutch
foreign economic policy. For example, Simon Smits (MFA's
Director for Economic Cooperation whom you will meet October
Q7) recently returned from a secondment to Shell's government
relations group. Finance Minister Bos also held executive
positions at Shell in the 1990s before turning to politics.
You will meet Matthias Bichsel, Shell's Executive Director
responsible for Russia/Central Asia, on October 9. Large
Dutch dredging and energy infrastracture companies such as
Boskalis, Van Oord, and Fugro also enjoy substantial
political influence.

19. (SBU) Shell tries to keep the U.S. government updated on
the Persian LNG (PLNG) project. Shell is a minority partner
in PLNG and has successfully delayed a final investment
decision for several years. Shell wants to keep a foothold
THE HAGUE 00000596 004.2 OF 004
on the project and not let (yet another) lucrative, long-term
Iranian energy contract go to China, but knows it cannot move
ahead on the project in the current climate. Shell would
welcome another UNSC resolution that levels the playing
field by imposing broader trade sanctions on Iran and
forcing Chinese and Russian firms to comply, thereby reducing
the IOCs' competitive disadvantage.


20. (U) Your participation in the Eurasian Energy Security
roundtable with Minister van der Hoeven at the Clingendael
International Energy Program will send a positive signal
about U.S. willingness to engage with European allies on this
issue. The audience will include Dutch energy executives and
policy makers eager to hear your remarks and ask you
questions about U.S. international energy strategy.

SOURCE CABLE  read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Dutch MPs over Niger Delta: Who messed up?

Published on : 25 January 2011 – 5:15pm | By Hélène Michaud

Royal Dutch Shell faces serious probing by the Dutch parliament on Wednesday into its profitable yet controversial operations in Nigeria.  MPs contacted by Radio Netherlands Worldwide see the hearing as a “fact-finding” exercise they hope will help deepen their understanding of the situation in the oil-rich Niger Delta where Shell has been extracting oil for over 50 years.

The public hearing, officially about Corporate Social Responsibility in West Africa, is expected to focus on the oil multinational’s record in Nigeria. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Google Royal Dutch Shell: 25 January 2011

The first 8 out of 1.420 million search results from Goggling “Royal Dutch Shell” on the evening of 25 January 2011.

About 1,420,000 results (0.09 seconds)

Search Results

Shell UK – United Kingdom

At 07.00 BST (08.00 CEST and 02.00 EDT) on Thursday 28 October, 2010 Royal Dutch Shell plc released its third quarter results and third quarter interim Station LocatorCareersContact UsProducts & Services – CachedSimilar ?

Royal Dutch/Shell Group

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with around 101000 employees in more than 90 countries and territories. Show stock quote for RDSA Jobs & CareersInvestor CentreJob Search & ApplyProducts/Services – CachedSimilar

Investor Centre – Shell Worldwide

Royal Dutch Shell plc announces that it has today issued 18288566 A Ordinary › About ShellCachedSimilar Show more results from

News for Royal Dutch Shell read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Is Royal Dutch Shell a racist company?

From an outspoken former employee of Shell Oil USA

The association between Dutch companies and West Africa is centuries old. It began in earnest with the slave trade. Dutch companies were the first and largest of the slave traders. Of course, the justification of the concept of slavery was based on Biblical interpretations of the relationship between the white man and the black man, with the black man being considered to be racially inferior to the white man.

That philosophy of the white man towards the black man, and the inferior race of the ‘red man’ of the America’s, both of which were enslaved in large numbers, eventually led to the development of term ‘under men’, a concept the Nazi’s later picked up and use in their ideology of Aryan racial superiority. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell frozen out of the Arctic Ocean

From an outspoken former employee of Shell Oil USA


First it was a problem with the Royal Dutch Shell’s clean air permits, now it is a problem with the government’s ‘Bush era’ environmental impact statement. And the U.S. government doesn’t seem to know when that impact statement will be completed. Maybe it should have been done right the first time.

However, does anyone get the idea that maybe the Fed’s really don’t want RD Shell to do any drilling in the Beaufort Sea this year?

This is no surprise. An ‘accident/incident’ by RD Shell and their antiquated drilling fleet that would lead to any significant spill would trigger a fire storm of criticism and would be politically disastrous for the Obama administration. And neither the Fed’s or Shell have the assets in place to clean up any incident of ‘significance’. And clearly the administration does not trust Shell anymore than they trust BP. But then, why should they? I wonder what DoI learned, or is learning, from the Navy’s investigation of Shell? read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Corrib Shell pipeline approval sparks Irish uprising

Daily protest at the gates of Shell’s proposed Corrib Gas Refinery in Ireland

By John Donovan

Reproduced below is a stirring call to arms issued today by the “Rossport Solidarity Camp” in Ireland.

On Thursday 20th January An Bord Pleanala announced their decision to approve the Shell high pressure raw gas pipeline. The decision shows the farce of project splitting, which allows authorities to pass dangerous sections of projects without going through a rigorous planning process. This is the last chance to resist this flawed project. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell questioned on oil spills in Nigeria

WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (UPI) — Royal Dutch Shell has a disastrous legacy of environmental damage through its lengthy involvement in the Nigerian oil sector, advocacy groups charge.

Shell faces questions Wednesday before the Dutch Parliament regarding its activity in the oil-rich Niger Delta region. Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth International announced they had filed formal complaints with the British and Dutch governments over Shell’s failure to take responsibility for the majority of the oil pollution in the region. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell Accused of Misleading Data Over Nigerian Spills

By Eduard Gismatullin – Jan 25, 2011 12:33 PM GMT+0000

Royal Dutch Shell Plc was accused by Amnesty International and Friends of the Earth International of using discredited and misleading information in blaming the majority of oil spills in the Niger Delta on saboteurs.

The two groups said in an e-mailed report today that they filed an official complaint with the U.K. and Dutch governments against Shell over breaches of basic standards for responsible business set out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Shell denied the allegation. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Judge told Shell that ‘they should sue John Donovan in the UK’

By John Donovan

The email printed below from Shell Malaysia whistleblower Dr John Huong (right) to his lawyer, Trevor George De Silva, confirms that the High Court judge dealing with the defamation action brought against Dr Huong by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies, told Shell that “they should sue John Donovan in the UK”.

Since that course of action was not one Shell lawyers wished to pursue, Shell eventually had to settle with Dr Huong. Shell lawyers had also undermined their case by engaging in criminal tampering of evidence to hide important information from the judge. In other words, Shell had perverted the course of justice. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Chukchi environmental report delayed

Patti Epler | Jan 24, 2011

The federal government says it’s fallen behind in efforts to complete a final environmental impact statement for a controversial oil and gas lease sale in the Chukchi Sea.

The statement was due to be finished Jan. 21. Instead, a status report filed with the U.S. District Court in Anchorage doesn’t give a date for the environmental impact statement to be released, but says the government will file another status report by Feb. 25.

In 2008, the government sold about $2.6 billion in leases to a number of oil companies, although Royal Dutch Shell was the predominant bidder. But the lease sale was challenged by Native organizations and some environmental groups on the grounds that the original statement didn’t adequately consider the impact of natural gas development in the Chukchi. A federal judge ordered the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to produce a second environmental impact statement that looked at the natural gas issue. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Groups file OECD complaint against Royal Dutch Shell

Jan. 24, 2011, 8:36 p.m. EST

By James Herron

LONDON (MarketWatch) — Friends of the Earth and Amnesty International said Tuesday they have filed a complaint against Royal Dutch Shell PLC with the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, alleging the oil giant has published misleading data about oil spills in Nigeria.

The two groups allege Shell has used “discredited and misleading information to blame the majority of oil pollution on saboteurs in its Niger Delta operations,” and that use of this flawed data breaches the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell says Corrib gas will bring 1,000 jobs

23 January 2011 By Nicola Cooke and John Burke

Shell has pledged to create 1,000 jobs this year on works related to the Corrib gas project, which was granted planning permission last week for the final section of the controversial pipeline.

The oil company said that the jobs would arise from the construction of a twin bore tunnel for the pipeline under Sruwaddacon Bay in Co Mayo.

Employees would also be needed for works at the €1 billion gas terminal at Bellanaboy and for an offshore rig which will be constructed this year to check the existing gas wells. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Questions raised over Shell sponsorship of Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur, January 24, 2011: Vaiju Naravane

The Hindu SET FOR PARADE: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur meet the folk artists who will be participating in the Republic Day Parade, In New Delhi on Monday. Photo: S. Subramanium   Should companies like Shell or Rio Tinto, with a bad reputation for environmental pollution, the violation of workers’ rights and collusion with brutal dictatorships such as that of Augusto Pinochet in Chile or Sani Abacha in Nigeria, be considered acceptable as sponsors by those who run the Jaipur Literature Festival?


The question takes on great poignancy since the conclusion of the festival coincides, almost to the day, with hearings in the Dutch parliament on the alleged involvement of the Royal Dutch Shell company in the execution of Nigerian playwright, human rights activist and environmentalist Ken Saro-Wiwa who was put to death with eight others after a hurried military trial in November 1995.

At his trial, Ken Saro Wiwa pointed a finger at Shell for what it had done to his people and his country: “We all stand before history. I and my colleagues are not the only ones on trial. Shell is here on trial…there is no doubt in my mind that the ecological war that the Company has waged in the Delta will be called to question sooner than later and the crimes of that war be duly punished. The crime of the Company’s dirty wars against the Ogoni people will also be punished.” read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

BP: ‘An accident waiting to happen’

When Tony Hayward took over BP in 2007 - after the oil giant had experienced a series of calamitous accidents - he vowed that safety would be his top priority. So how did he come to preside over one of the worst industrial disasters in history? A Fortune investigation reveals a saga of hubris, ambition, and a safety philosophy that focused too much on spilled coffee and not enough on drilling disasters. and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Gardai probe UK police spy’s role with Shell to Sea

The Independent

By Tom Brady Security Editor

Monday January 24 2011

GARDA chiefs are preparing a report for new Justice Minister Brendan Smith on the activities of an undercover British police officer who infiltrated environmental protest groups here.

The report is being drawn up after concerns were expressed that Mark Kennedy had been involved in protests over the Corrib gas pipeline in north Mayo.

He is also said to have taken part in other major protests including the May Day clashes in Dublin in 2004 and demonstrations against the use of Shannon Airport by US military aircraft. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell quizzes all advisers on corruption policies


24 January 2011 | By Catrin Griffiths

Shell has upped the ante on anti-corruption prior to this year’s implementation of the Bribery Act by extending its scrutiny to law firms that advise third parties involved in joint ventures, and therefore are not employed by the company.

Shell chief ethics and compliance officer Richard Wiseman and global legal services coordinator Leanne Geale are asking non-panel firms with which Shell does business for details of their anti-corruption compliance procedures. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Vladimir Putin: Energy Dictator Supreme

By Liz Colad: 23 January 2011

The United States will soon be under the control of a foreign leader.  His name: Vladimir Putin (Photo Right – Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Sound outrageous?  This is common sense—he will have control of the energy fields and the distribution of gas and oil.  He who controls the energy, controls the world.  I would even dare to say that this situation is already cemented in place.

And only one Congressman is pointing out the facts.

The Trumpet reports that Vladimir Putin has forged an alliance with BP to “explore” the Arctic. “In Washington, the State Department is already facing calls to investigate whether the Russian government’s links with BP pose a national security threat. As Republican Congressman Michael Burgess pointed out, BP is one of the biggest energy suppliers of the U.S. military.”(1) read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Floodgates open on bad news for Royal Dutch Shell



Looks like you opened some floodgates on bad news for Shell the last few weeks! I don’t understand how you can keep up with all the dataflows.

The recent note from the Canadian operator is pretty serious. This obviously is a man who knows what he talks about and has high personal standards.

Shell Canada Insider Speaks Out

Exactly the type of person you would want on your plant, but dangerous and awkward for many managers who are looking for quick bucks, low hanging fruit, early success, breakthrough performance, olympic targets and whatever other jargon is used to cut costs…. I don’t know if you are aware just how toxic H2S is. Often in communications to the general public it is related to the smell of rotten eggs but in reality it is as toxic as Hydrogen Cyanide – HCN (Prussic Acid), the stuff used in detective novels…. (And by the way in the gaschambers in Germany as well as in the suicide capsules they used). read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Dr John Huong accused Shell lawyers of tampering with evidence

May I asked you where you got all those information for your articles, the publication of which prompt Shell to take legal actions against me, in breach of my human rights and freedom?

Email received from Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong on 21 April 2008. We have provided hyperlinks to the articles he itemized.

Dear Mr. Donovans,

Good evening.

A few months ago, you wrote articles concerning the Malaysian judiciary System.  Can you confirm and tell me where the following articles were posted and the author and/or authors of those articles itemized from 1-3 below.


2. Malaysia: Judiciary and corruption (For obvious reasons the legal jurisdiction of choice for Shell)

3. HRH Sultan Azlan Shah speaks out on crisis in Malaysian judiciary.

Since posting those articles, were there any changes made to the document since then? read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Royal Dutch Shell in Viet Nam

Shell failed properly to control the oil shipments which flowed through indirect channels to the Vietcong. According to his book “Fuelling the war: revealing an oil company’s role in Vietnam”, [1] Shell knowingly employed as a manager a notorious former senior police official with a “fearsome and well-deserved reputation” who “had already shown his inclination to settle security matters by military action with little compunction about killing, innocents along with suspects”.
Updated January, 21 2011 09:47:05

President prompts Shell to expand Viet Nam operations

HA NOI — President Nguyen Minh Triet said Viet Nam’s achievements in recent years were accomplished due to the co-operation and support the country has received from foreign partners.

Triet made the statement yesterday at a reception in the capital that was attended by Shell’s Chief Financial Officer Simon Henry.

The President said that during the freshly concluded 11th National Party Congress, the Communist Party of Viet Nam reiterated its renewal policy and intention to further strengthen and consolidate its co-operation with other countries and international partners. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

WikiLeaks revelations: Pernicious influence of Royal Dutch Shell

It is clear from these cables that Royal Dutch Shell has the Dutch government in their hip pocket. No surprise there, the Queen must get her dividends. Royal Dutch Shell management apparently thinks it has so much influence it can dictate foreign policy matters to ALL of the G8 governments? Isn’t that a revelation. Maybe not after all we have learned about Shell’s not so secret ‘shadow government’ in Nigeria.

Article by a former employee of Shell Oil USA

No matter what you or I may think about the Wiki-leaks gang, they do produce some important revelations that I am sure the US government, et al, and RD Shell would just as soon not disclose to the public. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan


I want to share another story. According to this article, a single site run by a man and his octagenarian father in the UK has cost the petro-giant Shell billions of dollars. And it all started with a gripe.The Donovan website has become an open wound for Shell.

By Max Lenderman

We all know the power of reputation networks. It is how eBay runs its business. A web of comments for or against a particular vendor drives its sales. Overall, people talking about their experiences with a brand, product or service is how commerce will function. Forget advertising. That’s just fluff. The real brand equity is in the reputation networks.

Case in point: this particular study shows that online customer product reviews drive satisfaction and loyalty and provide a competitive advantage for sites that offer them. No duh. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Corrib pipeline gets approval

A previous application submitted by Shell and Corrib gas partners was rejected by Bord Pleanala. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

LORNA SIGGINS, Western Correspondent

Bord Pleanála has approved Shell E&P Ireland’s third proposed route for the final section of the Corrib gas pipeline with 58 conditions.

Inspector Martin Nolan, who chaired last year’s resumed oral hearing on the revised plan, says that the application’s “clarity and transparency” provides “confidence that the safety of the public is fully protected, and that the public will not be put at risk”. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

BP Applies Some Bid Repellant

BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley (L) looks towards state-run Russian firm Rosneft’s President Eduard Khudainatov (R) before signing an agreement to form a global and arctic strategic alliance.

By Edward Tan, JANUARY 20, 2011

BP and Rosneft presented their $7.8 billion stock swap as solidifying an exploration alliance in Russia’s South Kara Sea.

The Rosneft deal, however, served another purpose for BP — scaring off potential acquirers that might see the U.K. firm as vulnerable following its recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

WikiLeaks: More embarrassment for Royal Dutch Shell

WikiLeaks: Leaked U.S. diplomatic cable from the U.S. Embassy in The Hague reveals that the Dutch government would not support any targeted sanctions against Royal Dutch Shell in respect of its activities in Iran.

Also contains embarrassing information for Shell about its dealings with the Russians.  John Croker, a senior Royal Dutch Shell executive, is reported to have complained that Russia’s treatment of Shell in relation to the Sakhalin II project “does not fit” within internationally accepted norms. The Russians (Gazprom) offered less than 30% of what Shell considered fair for a stake in the project. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Essar finalises to buy Shell’s UK refinery for $350 mn

19 Jan, 2011, 03.17PM IST, Darshan Mehta,ET

MUMBAI: Essar Oil has finalised the acquisition of Shell’s Stanlow refinery in UK for $350 million dollars, a source close to the deal told ET NOW. The Stanlow refinery is part of the Royal Dutch Shell group with a capacity of 2.37 lk barrels per day. The deal will be announced in the first week of February.

As per the deal, Essar will pay $50 million on signing of the deal, another $100 mn on closing of the deal and $100 mn dollars each in the next 2 years after closing the deal. With crude prices over $91 per barrel, the refining business is becoming more attractive and the sector as such is seeing a turnaround on higher energy demand. European companies are selling their non profitable plants to cut expenses and they fit into Indian refiners global strategy of expansion. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Comment on Donna Getz allegations against Shell

Comment received on the extraordinary story of the Canadian family allegedly poisoned by Shell gas flaring read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

BP’s Exploration Plans in the Arctic of Russia Draw Opposition From Partners

A version of this article appeared in print on January 19, 2011, on page B3 of the New York edition.


MOSCOW — The British petroleum giant BP’s new deal to explore the Russian Arctic in partnership with a state-owned oil company has drawn protests from a group of private Russian investors with whom BP has a separate partnership.

The Russian private partners of BP’s separate and longstanding joint venture here, TNK-BP, say they were not adequately consulted about the Arctic exploration agreement that BP announced on Friday with the state-owned Rosneft.

On Tuesday, a representative of the TNK-BP partners said the Rosneft deal violated a 2003 shareholder agreement that required BP to first consult the management of that joint venture before negotiating new business with others in Russia or Ukraine. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Shell: Beware the Yellow Peril



Part of Shell Brent Bravo oil platform falls into North Sea

I just read about the Brent ‘incident’. That ‘little problem’ should have been taken care of through a preventive maintenance inspection program long ago. Sea water is not only highly corrosive to steel, but cyclical loading caused by wave action can induce fatigue failure. Believe it or not, the useful life of an airplane or a submarine is determined by the number of pressurization cycles the fuselage or hull goes through. Oil tankers have a useful life based on the number of stress cycles the hull has undergone. Oil tankers have split in half because of hull fatigue failure. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan