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Jesse Colombo

Oil Price Bust Foreseen: Is Jesse Colombo a bone fide time traveler?

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“Time travel has captured the public imagination for much of the past century, but little has been done to actually search for time travelers. Here, three implementations of Internet searches for time travelers are described, all seeking a prescient mention of information not previously available.”

Perhaps Shell or BP may decide to hire Mr. Colombo and ask him about the timing of a mega merger, bearing in mind that he seems to know more about the oil industry than them? 

By John Donovan

A few days ago I published an article about Jesse Colombo, the economic analyst who correctly and uniquely, predicted the oil prices bust, which has an impact on every individual and country on the planet.

The collapse in oil prices might not be as highly ranked as the 9/11 terror attack in terms of an historic event, but it is of world-changing significance.

I found the Jesse Colombo article from June 2014 containing his prescient prediction published on the website.

This was in the course of carrying out some research into why the predictions of one of the worlds biggest oil companies, Royal Dutch Shell, has been so wildly inaccurate in regard to oil issues, such as when peak oil will occur. Shell has a “scenarios” team tasked with peering into the future with the objective of coming up with accurate forecasts. I wonder if they have foreseen their own future, which might be short as far as Shell is concerned? read more

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