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Terrible experience with Shell Energy Broadband

Article posted 8 May 2024

“…always had intermittent disconnection issues and looking forward to the contract ending so I can find another provider. Vote with your feet is my motto.”

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Reviewer Violet Curry: Location Sunderland: Date 2023-04-01

Such a terrible service. No practical help given when I phoned for help when broadband went off completely.Except being asked to unscrew something from wall. When I refused was told that bcos I’d refused to carry out test it would probably cost me £65 for an engineer to call. I refused an engineer and raised a complaint. Broadband came back on after about 3 and a half hours. Lost valuable time to do some work. Complaint was ” closed” after a few weeks without any correspondence fro. Shell addressing g complaint or explaining how it was resolved. Continued to have problems. Tv in bedroo. Couldn’t pick up signal fro. Router about 25 feet away. Tv in sitting room constantly buffering or going off completely. Phoned to complain and said I wanted to leave. Told it would be £184 termination fee. I said the service was no good and they were at fault. Operator said I’d refused e ginger initially so basically I’d refused help. I said I only refused bcos previous Operator said because I’d refused to carry out test in my home by unscrewing the box and would have to pay the £65. Upshot is I was receiving very little service so I changed provider phoned Shell explained why I was cancelling. Have now got really good service etc with new provider. Shell just emailed to say they’re billing me £184. I’ve been advised to contact Ombudsman but I’ll pay the money draw a line under the whole terrible experience BUT will be very vocal in telling g people to avoid Shell due to my horrendous interaction with the company and its reoresentatives

Reviewer Claire: Location Rayleigh: Date 2023-03-31


Purchased an 18 month superfast broadband. After 6 months my partner moved in and contacted Sky about transferring his package to my address to be told I don’t have fibre installed in my property despite it being in the area. Cancelled Shell and went to my partners sky as they agreed to send BT Open Reach to install the fibre cable from the telephone poll to my house. Shell then wanted £218 for the remainder of my contract. I contacted them and explained I wasn’t happy with paying this as they had mis sold me fibre when it wasn’t available to me. When the complaints department called me they said I had to pay the full amount as they provided superfast (how I don’t know when I didn’t have a connection). The call handler said “he would not take the word of an Open Reach engineer) maybe he wanted the Prime Minster to confirm that BT had attended and installed the cable. The complaint has now been resolved with me agreeing to pay the early termination charge on a basic broadband package. My advice is ask Shell to provide a “Letter of Deadlock” which you intend to use when you raise a complaint to the communications ombudsman. You are perfectly entitled to ask the ombudsman to consider your complaint if you feel you have been treated unfairly.

Reviewer Martin: Location Norwich: Date 2023-03-30


Had this for over a year, always had intermittent disconnection issues and looking forward to the contract ending so I can find another provider. I had to hassle them for months to get the freebies and vouchers offered under the sign-up deal, was hard work. The thought of trying to correct or report the issue makes me want to cut my wrists so I’ve never bothered. Vote with your feet is my motto.

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