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May 8th, 2023:

Terrible experience with Shell Energy Broadband

Article posted 8 May 2024

“…always had intermittent disconnection issues and looking forward to the contract ending so I can find another provider. Vote with your feet is my motto.”

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Reviewer Violet Curry: Location Sunderland: Date 2023-04-01

Such a terrible service. No practical help given when I phoned for help when broadband went off completely.Except being asked to unscrew something from wall. When I refused was told that bcos I’d refused to carry out test it would probably cost me £65 for an engineer to call. I refused an engineer and raised a complaint. Broadband came back on after about 3 and a half hours. Lost valuable time to do some work. Complaint was ” closed” after a few weeks without any correspondence fro. Shell addressing g complaint or explaining how it was resolved. Continued to have problems. Tv in bedroo. Couldn’t pick up signal fro. Router about 25 feet away. Tv in sitting room constantly buffering or going off completely. Phoned to complain and said I wanted to leave. Told it would be £184 termination fee. I said the service was no good and they were at fault. Operator said I’d refused e ginger initially so basically I’d refused help. I said I only refused bcos previous Operator said because I’d refused to carry out test in my home by unscrewing the box and would have to pay the £65. Upshot is I was receiving very little service so I changed provider phoned Shell explained why I was cancelling. Have now got really good service etc with new provider. Shell just emailed to say they’re billing me £184. I’ve been advised to contact Ombudsman but I’ll pay the money draw a line under the whole terrible experience BUT will be very vocal in telling g people to avoid Shell due to my horrendous interaction with the company and its reoresentatives read more

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Do NOT join Shell Energy it will be your worst nightmare


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Another worthless response from Shell…

Another worthless response from Shell claiming they have settled the ombudsman decision by way of credit.
This saga is nearing its first anniversary now and Shell who have made first quarter profits in 2023 of £7 billion continue their refusal to settle what they owe me… a mere £1083.65.
They continue their pursuit of this supposed debt with threatening phone calls always early morning and written correspondence. Absolutely disgraceful. Either they think I’m stupid or they are..with the responses they offer to my complaint. The responses they offer are fundamentally wrong and if their billing experts consider there response is correct I would suggest they consider a career change.
Do NOT join Shell it will be your worst nightmare, nothing short of daylight robbery. You have all been warned. Act 374080 read more

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.

Frustrated broadband customers face poor service and rising costs

Frustrated broadband customers face poor service and rising costs

Shane Hickey: Mon 8 May 2023 09.00 BST

When Annabel Miller* took up the offer of a new superfast broadband plan with local and international calls for £40 a month from Shell Energy, she thought she was on to a good deal.

Within six months, however, she had suffered an 18-day broadband outage due to the wrong router being sent to her London home, a series of incorrect bills for more than she was due to pay, and even problems with her house alarm. When she tried to complain, she says she received confusing and frustrating responses.

“It appears Shell Energy decided to use an initial tactic of not responding to complaints, then dismissing them and closing them,” she says

“I had a number of emails claiming they had been resolved and closed, despite not having received any responses. The strategy was to confuse and distort facts, and ignore my complaints,” she says.

This will have a familiar ring to it. Communications regulator Ofcom announced that the company was the most complained-about broadband and landline provider for the final three months of last year. read more

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.
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