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Shell Energy is the worst broadband provider

POSTED 13 MAY 2023

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Reviewer Mandy Smith: Location South Normanton, Alfreton: Date 2023-04-05


The worst broadband provider, I have ever had the displeasure of being with. I have never had any problems with other providers in my area always a good signal, but shell it’s rubbish can’t wait for my contract to end so I can get some decent broadband

Reviewer Gus: Location High Peak: Date 2023-04-14


When it works, it’s great. The problem is, the connection seems to drop several times a day. It always comes back up after about 30 seconds, but the unreliability is getting to be quite annoying. I didn’t choose Shell Energy anyway, I was ported over to them by Post Office Broadband, who’s service I never had a problem with. I am definitely going to switch.

Reviewer Rachel H: Location East Sussex: Date 2023-04-05


My mother has her phone and Broadband Account with this lot and has recently had her service suspended due to non-payment of her a bill – a bill they have admitted they have never sent.

Apparently the bill has now been sent with a discount for their error but they will not re-instate her services unless they can speak to her, so I told them to ring her as she can’t currently call anyone but apparently they can’t do that, they suggested I call back when I next visit her so she can pass security (I’m assuming they realise that won’t be from her phone line which they have suspended)- dammit I can pass security I know all the details and isn’t it a good job I live in the same country if that’s what needs to be done- idiots, they created a mess and don’t have the capacity to resolve it. Hopefully the contract will expire soon and she can move to another provider. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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