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Charlotte Church adds her voice to Arctic oil protest

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Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.35.25Emma Howard: Friday 21 August 2015

Her performance is part of a month-long protest that Greenpeace is staging, with different groups – from brass bands to bagpipes – playing the same four-piece movement every day during August to highlight Shell’s Arctic venture. The project was inspired by the string quartet on the Titanic, who continued to play as the ship went down after striking an iceberg.

Church said the campaign had struck a chord “because of how unbelievably dumb [drilling in the Arctic] is. It’s exploitative and nonsensical. The reason they can get to this oil is because the Arctic ice is already melting to a degree, but they’re going to drill more and make it worse … if there is some sort of spill they won’t be able to deal with it or clean it up.”

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