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Almost all of BG employees, even senior management expect to be let go



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It’s Official SHELL to layoff 6500 employees

Also this 6500 number doesn’t count the contractors and BG employees. Almost all of BG employees, even senior management expect to be let go.


20 days ago (Sun 07/12/15 07:47:56 UTC)

Shell Houston Secret Reductions

While Shell maintains that it is not laying off people we have seen a drastic decrease in contractor pay and termination of contracts in order to save displaced staff jobs. Within the staff community they are forcing retirement and artificially combining roles while making personnel reapply for their own positions against applicants outside the discipline. We are even seeing forced performance improvement writeups over petty and many times made up infractions in an attempt to leverage terminations in the near future. It’s a scary, unfair, and possible illegal practice that will come back to bite them.


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a day ago (Thu 07/30/15 14:12:27 UTC)

Boo-hoo! Don’t take it personal, people. But you are losing your jobs. My advice to you is to give thanks for the time you had with Shell, and let your manager and their manager and THEIR manager know that if they ever need help to call you up. And thank them as you give them your post-severance contact info. Much better to go out positive rather than creating a one-way dead-end. And yes, I speak from experience, having been rehired twice over the past 35 years…. Remember – its a boom and bust cyclic nature for this business. Luck to all! Anonymous127057


16 days ago (Thu 07/16/15 00:24:43 UTC)

The company is calling this reorganization but they even said that $B1 is overhead. The are cutting talent and no even managers. The $B1 or more was loss last years for poor managers decisions. Eagleford, magnolia, unconventional in general but no one top manager is in line. Who is to blain about losing money, managers or people that is given their best effort to grow the company Shame of them 123


16 days ago (Wed 07/15/15 19:32:59 UTC)

Just making sure I wasn’t losing my mind. I’m salary, never take lunch but may take 2-3 (5min) smoke breaks during the day. Last year I got a 1.2 rating (high performer) but it looks like this year I may not even make the cut. My manager of a few months tells me I am a poor time manager and they are treating me like a rogue employee and a child. I’ve been here 17 years and have never dealt with this. They are also writing people up for dress code, Internet use, and anything else they can find. This is both sad and detrimental to the future of this company. We spend $1000s on meals and first class flights but when it’s time to cut cost they run off their good talent. We live a miserable life here. Senior Staff


16 days ago (Wed 07/15/15 16:08:05 UTC)

completely agree Anonymous116059 and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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  1. #1 James Garcia
    on Aug 3rd, 2015 at 01:26

    The unconventionals line of business is a complete mess. The degree of favoritism and incompetence is mind-boggling. There are so many “untouchables” who are management favs. Middle management has a bunch of poor managers with consistent poor reviews by employees and nothing is done about it. If Greg and HR are sincere in cutting the right people, it should be the many managers who are misfits! Look at the SPS results, HR files and feedback from staff. The business is not making money and you keep paying these guys big salaries and bonuses while the real hard workers are silenced or shown the way out.

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