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Toxic Shell internal emails

“We have questions to answer” about single-use plastic waste, reveal internal emails from Shell

24 Dec 2022

Shell is under scrutiny as a result of internal emails put into the public domain relating to the controversial Shell Petrochemicals Complex situated along the Ohio River in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

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The multi-billion-dollar Shell facility was fully operational in November after years of construction and has already been charged by state environmental agencies for exceeding the annual limit for volatile organic compounds that create lung-damaging smog. Among the documents, released on December 9, was an email correspondence within Shell’s communications team.

Full details about the embarrassing content of Shell’s emails are provided in the article.

This is not the first time the toxic content of internal comms or other self-inflicted exposure has caught out Shell.

One example which immediately comes to mind is the memos sent by Shell EP chief Walter van de Vijver to the then Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell Group, Sir Philip Watts.

In one he wrote about how investors could not be “fooled” forever, and in the other he said he was “sick and tired about lying about the extent of our reserves issues”. But a month later Mr van de Vijver told staff to destroy a document outlining part of the reserves shortfall, because it was “dynamite”. (See: Shell bosses ‘fooled the market‘)


Shell internal emails  reveal that Serious consideration was given by senior Shell EP execs to exploiting the tragic events of 9/11

Shell internal emails reveal that serious consideration was given by senior Shell EP execs to exploiting the tragic events of 9/11 for desperate commercial purposes – to cover up investor deception about Shell’s claimed oil and gas reserves. 

Aidan McKay said: “If I was Walter I would use this tragic event to introduce a little more conservatism (buying flexibility) into our story around production growth.”

The second batch of Shell internal emails circulated in the months leading up to 9/11 provides proof of the degree of concern over the issues that led to Shell executives considering such a distasteful strategy to manipulate the markets.


Spectacular falling out of ‘Security Professionals’ at the top of Shell

In  2016, Bruce Culpepper, Shell’s then US Country Chairman and Shell Oil Company President, informed a senior Shell security corporate official that his department, “could not investigate their way out of a wet paper bag,” “they cannot investigate worth a shit,” and that he “did not want those fuckers involved,” in a specific situation.


REUTERS: Shell critic says oil major targeting his website

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