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We will bear the burden of Shell tax credits

June 26, 2012

I am dumbfounded by the Post-Gazette’s Friday editorial “No Shell Game: Corbett’s Tax Break Plan Is a Good Deal for State”! You have sold out to the interests of big oil and gas along with the Corbett administration. Your initial caution flag on ethane cracker tax credits has turned into a white flag of surrender.

Royal Dutch Shell (the full name) has co-headquarters in London, United Kingdom, and in The Hague, Netherlands. It is the second-largest company in the world based upon revenues. Why are we even considering giving tax credits to such a global behemoth? It would be better that Shell pay us for the privilege of operating here.

Big oil and gas have co-opted our government and now the media. It’s confusing to know who is being a mouthpiece for whom. Much of the economic impact data being thrown around comes from a study conducted by the American Chemistry Council, an industry trade group that includes Shell. Where is the independent study from the state? Where is the investigative journalism to dig out more to inform the public?

Shouldn’t there be parallel impact studies on the environment and personal health being delivered to us now? It’s not about the citizenry of Pennsylvania. It’s all about global business. We pay for the tax credits by shouldering a higher tax load or in diminished services. Welcome to the Commonwealth of Shell!

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