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Lavishing tax-free gifts on Royal Dutch Shell

Kelly: Corbett’s lavishing tax-free gifts in pursuit of potentially toxic refinery

By Chris Kelly: Published: June 17, 2012

Sinking in the polls as he continues to gut funding for education, the sick, the elderly and the poor, Gov. Tom Corbett, R-Drillers, is about to show his critics that there are some people he really does care about.

In fact, his concern for their welfare knows no limit.

Royal Dutch Shell PLC may seem an odd name for an individual, but the international energy behemoth is, indeed, a person, just like you and me. Ask Mitt Romney. Or the U.S. Supreme Court, any Wall Street gangbanker or cheerfully exploited tea party patriot eating Hamburger Helper minus the ground chuck as Rush Limbaugh earns $45 million a year explaining why it’s all the Kenyan-in-Chief’s fault.

Unlike you and me, the Netherlands-based Dutch Royal Shell posted $31 billion in profits last year, earning the distinction of second-most-profitable person on the planet. “Shelly” has never been in better financial shape, so naturally, Mr. Corbett wants to give her nearly $1.7 billion in Pennsylvania taxpayers’ money.

Like a pimply freshman trying to woo a varsity cheerleader, Mr. Corbett is sparing no expense in romancing Shelly into locating a new petrochemical refinery about 30 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. The plant would process ethane in one of the most industry-abused regions in America…

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