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Corporate Scandals: Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat

Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat, the collective knickers of the business world are in a twist about ethics, and rightly so. Deals are the building blocks of business. Enormous sums are at stake and the money belongs mostly to strangers, not neighbours. Without ethics to define deals and fair dealing, business will not get done.

Introduction by John Donovan:

Dr John Huong (right), the renowned former Shell Production Geologist who blew the whistle internally at Shell in respect of the oil and gas reserves fraud is the author of this article. It was written at a time when he was being sued for defamation by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies in respect of postings made on this website under his name. Shell eventually withdrew the claim and settled a counterclaim brought by Dr Huong for wrongful dismissal.

Reflections on the Essay By Mr Thomas Stewart on Corporate Governance and the morals at workplace environment

By Dr John Huong read more and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.
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