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By John Donovan

We have printed below an email we have received purportedly from MOSOP President Dr Goodluck Diigbo replying to corruption allegations made against him.  The”Amaechi”mentioned in the email is a reference to Chibuike Amaechi, Governor of Rivers State in Nigeria.

The email was addressed to fellow Ogonis, Austin Lemea, and refers to Patrick Naagbaaton, another Ogoni activist. We are in possession of email correspondence from both of these individuals relating to Nigerian politics, Shell and the recent UNEP report on Nigerian oil spills.

From: MOSOP President Spokesman <[email protected]>
Subject:  You can focus on more productive writing, not peddling rumors
Date: 9 August 2011 13:00:56 GMT+01:00
To: [email protected]
Bcc: [email protected]


You are referring to Patrick Naagbaaton’s rumor suggesting that Amaechi gave me N10 million.

It is a total falsehood.

You can focus on more productive writing, not rumor-mongering.

My interest is not in short-term goal.

I have my conscience intact.

This is an abuse of my time.

It is a distraction.

I wish you folks luck.

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