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Irish Independent: Shell denies trying to avoid disclosure of Corrib documents

13:13 Thursday September 28th 2006 

Lawyers for Shell Ireland have refuted suggestions that their bid to withdraw their case against six landowners in north Mayo is so the company can avoid an order made for discovery of documents.

They have told the High Court that instead this move arises directly out of its decision to reroute the Corrib Gas pipeline in August.

Lawyers for Shell said the company had decided to reroute the pipeline to achieve an agreed route with the local community.

They said the whole process in relation to the gas line would have to be started again and therefore their case against six local landowners, three of them members of the Rossport Five, was redundant.

They then offered to pay the costs of those six people if they did not go ahead with their counter claims against Shell.

Two out of the six have agreed to do this.

Lawyers for the remaining four put it the court that Shell was now withdrawing its case just because of the order made for discovery of documents in July.

They also said their clients’ main concern now was in relation to the current status of the compulsory acquisition orders on their lands.

Shell refuted outright the claim made in relation to discovery, but acknowledged the matter of the CAO needed to be addressed.

The case has been put back until October 20th. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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