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As Shell relocates to the UK, Project Fear reveals four major warnings that Remainers missed.


As Shell relocates to the UK, Project Fear reveals four major warnings that Remainers missed.


As Shell relocates to the UK, Project Fear reveals four major warnings that Remainers got wrong.

BREXIT BRITAIN’S most recent victory, which will see oil giant Shell relocate its headquarters to the UK, has sparked new Frexit calls, with one leading campaigner insisting that it once again proves Project Fear was “wrong on everything.”

Royal Dutch Shell is scrapping its dual share structure and relocating its headquarters from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, a major victory for Brexit Britain.

The name “Royal Dutch” will be dropped from the company’s name, which has been a part of its identity since 1907. The new name will be Shell Plc.

The company has been embroiled in a bitter dispute with the Dutch government over the country’s 15% dividend withholding tax, which makes some of its shares less appealing to investors.

Because of the new single structure, which brings all of the company’s shares under British law, none of the company’s shares will be subject to the tax, and it will be easier for the company to make sales and acquisitions.

Shell’s decision to relocate its headquarters from The Hague to London was met with “unpleasant surprise” by the Dutch government.

However, the move is seen as a huge vote of confidence in the City of London following the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU, which resulted in a shift of billions of euros in daily share trading from London to Amsterdam.

The huge thumbs up to Brexit Britain by another global firm, according to Charles-Henri Gallois, President of the Generation Frexit campaign group in France, is a brilliant example of why Project Fear doom-mongering is being destroyed.

“I’ve been thinking that Britain was correct to leave since day one,” the campaigner said, listing the four major areas in which Project Fear was incorrect.

“It just goes to show that Project Fear was completely wrong on everything.”

Wrong on joblessness, growth, investments, and the value of the pound.

“Actually, the UK will do better than the Eurozone, according to IMF projections.”

Unilever announced earlier this year that it would be abandoning its joint Anglo-Dutch corporate structure in favor of forming a single company in the UK.

The decision will give the consumer goods giant “greater strategic flexibility,” according to the company.

Mr Gallois does not expect a major French or German corporation to relocate its headquarters to the United Kingdom, but he cautioned that businesses are becoming increasingly interested in the post-Brexit Britain.

“Unilever and Shell, as they are, are very particular,” he continued.


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