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Twitter Roasts Shell for “Gaslighting” Consumers With Emissions Poll

Twitter Roasts Shell for “Gaslighting” Consumers With Emissions Poll


Sometimes, you just need to take a good, hard look at yourself in the mirror. We’re talking to you, Shell.

This week, oil and gas corporation, Shell, took a break from polluting the planet to ask people on Twitter how they were willing to change their individual habits to help reduce emissions. As one might expect, Shell’s Twitter poll regarding emission reduction did not go over well.

On Monday, Nov. 2, Shell asked Twitter followers,  “What are you willing to change to help reduce emissions?” in a poll. The four possible responses were as follows: Offset emissions, stop flying, buy electric vehicle, renewable energy. We’ll just kindly ignore the lack of context for the fourth option. (Really, do what with renewable energy? Demand that Shell’s entire portfolio be shifted to renewable energy? Now we’re talkin’).

Out of Shell’s 551,000 Twitter followers, only 199 people participated in the poll (for the record, the vague option of renewable energy was the winner).

But the poll’s measly results are not the most notable responses here — those came from environmentalists who quickly latched onto the tweet, accusing Shell of gaslighting consumers and unjustly putting the blame on them for emissions.

“I’m willing to hold you accountable for lying about climate change for 30 years when you secretly knew the entire time that fossil fuels emissions would destroy our planet,” responded Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, followed by an angel face emoji.

“The audacity of Shell asking YOU what YOU’RE willing to do to reduce emissions,” Ocasio-Cortez added, along with an eye roll emoji. “They’re showing you RIGHT HERE how the suggestion that indiv choices – not systems – are a main driver of climate change is a fossil fuel talking point. Yes, make good choices. Reign in FF [fossil fuel] corps.”

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