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Ken Saro Wiwa Resurrection: Spirit of the Ogoni

Press release 7th September 2020

Ken Saro Wiwa Resurrection: Spirit of the Ogoni

November the 10th 2020 is the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the execution of the environmentalist, author Ken Saro Wiwa and 8 others who became known as the Ogoni 9.

More than 25 years ago Filmmaker Nathan Achim Sheppard filmed and conducted an in-depth interview at Ken’s home in London about his life, work and struggle.

Literally a few hours before his final journey to Nigeria never to return.

In this interview Ken also directs his daughter reading a moving passage from one of his books.

The strange part in retrospect through the passage his daughter reads, he was prophesying his own death.

Parts of the interview were broadcast on British TV within a few days of the ghastly execution of the Ogoni 9 in Nigeria.

This was front-page news around the world amid international condemnation from world leaders including President Clinton, Nelson Mandela, British Prime Minister John Major.

Indeed Mandela sent Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu as his special envoy to plead for clemency with the tyrannical military dictator Abacha of the Ogoni 9.

I have 8 x hours of footage that has not been seen.

Nigeria plus a 1.5-hour interview, the majority has never been broadcast.

The interview with Ken is still very fresh and very prophetic and relevant today.

I get a google alert for Ken Saro Wiwa on average every 2 x days.

The whole environmental damage has got worse and worse.

The story has got bigger and bigger.

This is a unique opportunity for a broadcaster for the 25th commemoration of the execution of the Ogoni 9 to be shown.

Four of the widows are in the Court of Human Rights in the Hague, right now taking Shell to task for the murder of their husbands.

For more information and sales contact

Nathan Achim Sheppard 07737 546547

[email protected]

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This is the only in-depth interview with this delightful gentleman.
RIP Ken Saro Wiwa

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