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Jessica Uhl, tainted by Enron, a huge risk IMHO

from an old EP hand:

Another american woman. I do not know her, she must be very clever. But Shell has not had a lot of luck with senior american women. Do I need to mention the Cook woman? Or the Boynton woman?

And as a total outsider, I must observe that this Uhl woman is a bit tainted. She worked for Enron in the top years of all the scandals and in a very senior position.

We now know that the people working in Enron in that period might be the cleverest in the business, but not the most ethical ones. And for a finance director only the highest ethical standards should apply. A huge risk IMHO.

So perhaps the wish of the directors in the ‘roaring’ mid 90s when Dijkgraaf stated ‘we must work more like Enron….’ will come true after all. Some adopted this Enron behaviour and we got the reserves scandal. In the aftermath we dropped the technical professionals and became a technically mediocre company. Overpromise and underdelivery became the norm. Also largely thanks to the american influence at senior levels. The american ‘leaders’ (Hofmeister, Odum) screwed up in Alaska, more than once. We missed the boat on the gas business in the USA. It all just stinks.

How come there is such an enormous difference between american top technical professionals and managers?

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