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Kashagan oil field allegations ignored by Shell exec Andy Brown?


By John Donovan

Printed below are extracts from a communication received from a Shell Civil Engineer who, until recently, worked on the construction of the ill-fated Kashagan oil field.

He says his dire warnings in regard to construction issues were escalated to Shell top management, including Andy Brown, but were ignored.

He has also raised the subject of Shell depriving sacked workers tax breaks on redundancy pay. A policy he describes as theft.

The same source supplied related, apparently authentic, Shell emails.


Hi John

I was recently made redundant by Shell having worked for them in Kazakhstan on an overseas assignment 

The nature of my dismissal was due my “inexperience “, although I have 30 years as a Civil Engineer and had received very good IPF’s in my 2 years with Shell.

However, there are two issues which demonstrate the real nature of the company :-

1. I was very critical of the construction of the Kashagan project, particularly this year, and considering the dangerous nature of the project ( high H2S, and pressures) this was escalated to top management, including Andy Brown. These concerns were ignored, and probably contributed to my dismissal.

2. I received a redundancy package, however, 52% of the sum was held back by Shell Holland for “Dutch Tax”. However, when I requested my pay slip to reflect the tax paid (I am a UK citizen and wanted to demonstrate to the U.K. tax man that earnings abroad already had tax paid – so not to incur a UK tax liability) I received the response from Shell saying ……as I did not work in Holland there was no tax liability……so the question remains, why did they deduct 52%?? A more accurate description of their actions is …..theft !

Keep up the good work, many “good” people within Shell find your website a breath of fresh air in the polluted atmosphere of S hell 🙂

Kind regards 



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