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Shell Retail adds new life into POS





The fuel retail industry may innovate at a snail’s pace, but Shell Retail is bucking the trend.

Following a year-long proof-of-concept, the gasoline and convenience store retailer is embarking on an iPad-based point-of-sale (POS) deployment at dedicated locations. The robust cloud-based system is designed to centrally manage fuel stations and markets more effectively; ensure compliance with data security standards, and most importantly, improve the customer experience through the point-of-purchase.

Overall, the network will connect payments at the pump to iPad registers inside the retail stores. However, functionality goes much deeper. The system will keep all fuel and convenience store card payments secure; manage pumps, wet stock and convenience store inventory in real-time, and share sales and demand information with Shells’ many vendors and business partners.

Real-time data reporting and modern hardware provides Shell retailers with the ability to instantly monitor the state of the business through any connected mobile device. Additionally, this remote access and support significantly reduces labor costs.

The cloud’s highly scalable architecture and open application program interface (API) business model supports flexibility and expansion across Shells vast enterprise. It also streamlines the integration of evolving technologies, like mobile payments and personalized mobile loyalty.

“Improving our customer journey and experience whilst keeping all of our sites running with quick and easy service is paramount,” said Maggie van’t Hoff, CIO, Shell Retail. “We are implementing new tablets and payment options that are easy to use, innovative and will improve the customer experience so that customers keep coming back to Shell.”

In addition to operating 43,000 sites in more than 70 countries, the Shell Retail network serves 25 million customers daily, and accrues approximately $6 billion in convenience retail sales annually.



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Shell to install iPad POS systems in fuel stations around the world and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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