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Birds illegally and cruelly killed at Shell station in Norway

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It appears that a Shell employee in Norway has been filmed illegally killing and maltreating birds and the matter is pursued by NOAH, the Norwegian animal rights organization. 

NOAH was tipped off about the movie clip which shows violations of the Animal Welfare Act and the draft Act, writes NOAH in a statement.

NOAH has identified distinct offenses and serious animal cruelty. A man is seen in the film clip walking around with the handle of a rake poking and in all probability, killing fledgling gulls on the forecourt canopy.

One sees the man stepping on them. He raises a relatively large young gull up by the wing and slaps the ground again.

This all takes place while several parent gulls fly overhead screeching and clearly stressed – watch the film clip

The tormenting of animals in this way and killing them in the breeding season is clearly illegal and anyone witnessing such events can and should report the matter. 

NOAH also welcome tips, so that we can report issues, says a veterinarian in NOAH, Siri Martinsen.

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