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Shell Arctic Screw Part 2: Fennica Mishap, Negligence or Torpedoed by Greenpeace?

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Shell Arctic Screw Part 2: Fennica Mishap, Negligence, or Torpedoed by Greenpeace?


The significance of the damage to the Fennica is made clear in the article below. It is carrying the “Capping Stack” which is required in order for drilling to proceed. A capping stack is an auxiliary blow out preventer (BOP) system which can be installed if a blow out occurs and the drilling blow out preventer is disabled for any reason. A capping stack was used to finally shut in BP’s Macondo blow out. 


Note also that the Fennica has been modified to allow it to deploy the “capping stack” so finding another vessel to replace it may not be straightforward – 

Some more info about the vessel – in order to have holed the hull, they must have hit something (possibly an uncharted rock) on the way out of the harbour. The nearest dry dock is in Seward, which may have the required capacity (500 miles from Dutch Harbor) See 

Shell will probably try to get permission to drill the top hole without the capping stack available, as it won’t be needed until they drill into the reservoir. But if Shell are planning to re-enter the well drilled in 2012 (for which only the top hole was drilled), that would not be an option.

INFORMATION ABOUT FENNICA (Compressed file) 12 Pages and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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