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Shelling Out Sweeteners

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 13.58.15By John Donovan

The Irish satirical website has published an extensive article about Shell sponsored corruption in Ireland involving gifts (bribes) of up to €900,000 in value.  

The website has published two key items; an invoice sent to Shell E&P Ireland by its agent OSSL for £30,000 worth of alcohol supplied to named senior police officers and a transcript of a covertly recorded 42 minute meeting between OSSL and its Dublin solicitor when the alcohol was mentioned over 60 times.

The solicitor in question Mr Marc Fitzgibbon, attended multiple high level meetings with Shell when the supposedly non-existent alcohol was freely discussed. 

Shell has acknowledged receipt of the OSSL invoice raised years after the alcohol was supplied. It should be a simple matter for the police or tax authorities to investigate whether the invoice is legitimate.

If it is not legitimate and is being used to demand payment from Shell under false pretences, then OSSL directors should be charged accordingly.

If it is legitimate, then the police officers named on the invoice should be dealt with accordingly.

I cannot understand how five investigations have been carried out – two by the Garda, two by Shell and one thus far by the GSOC – without the legitimacy of the all important invoice being investigated, with one or other of these two possible outcomes emerging.

Either it is fake, in which case OSSL directors should be charged, or it is legitimate, in which case a huge cover-up has clearly taken place in all previous investigations.

It has be one the other. article (containing multiple links)

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