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The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People MOSOP hereby disassociates itself from a Statement purportedly issued by former MOSOP President, Mr. Ledum Mitee on the UNEP Ogoniland Report, stipulating 30 days ultimatum for action on the UNEP Ogoniland report.

While MOSOP wants immediate action, MOSOP hopes that the United Nations and all stakeholders will study the report to trigger immediate and further action within reasonable time-frame.

MOSOP expects that relevant universal guidelines set out for an effective Environmental Impact Assessment Study (EIAS) will be taken into account in the process.

MOSOP did not at anytime authorize Mitee to set any deadline, which tends to preempt or limit other options now available to MOSOP.

Mitee’s statement is misleading and suspicious.

From emails made available to MOSOP, Mitee even hijacked an event tagged “Ogoni (National) Congress,” which was already being planned by certain individuals on their own volition without the involvement of Ledum Mitee. Two samples of emails to that effect are attached.

Mitee’s statement is an attempt to confuse the Ogoni people and to exploit the obvious difficulties faced by the UNEP Ogoniland Report as he has done several times in the last 15 years.

Mitee’s Statement is hereby formally declared illegitimate and uncalled for, and should be treated as irrelevant in respect of MOSOP position on the UNEP Ogoniland Report.

The Statement earlier issued by the current MOSOP President/Spokesman, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo remains valid.

Dum Ade John Budam
MOSOP Secretary-General

cc: MOSOP President /Spokesman, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo
cc: The General Public and all MOSOP Affiliates
cc: Council of Ogoni Traditional Rulers Association, COTRA, etc.

Nigeria: I Will Not Seek Re-Election – Mitee
Utibe Uko
7 January 2002
Port Harcourt — President of the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), Barrister Ledum Mitee, has said he would not seek re-election as MOSOP president when his tenure runs out in December 2002.

Speaking at the 10th anniversary of the Ogoni Day and Merit Award at Bori, Rivers State, Mitee said, “While reiterating my unshakable resolve to the MOSOP cause, it is my hope to break with what is almost the political norm- the second term syndrome. I do not intend to seek re-election.”……

MOSOP crisis tears Ogoni apart

Friday, 08 July 2011 23:24…/7359-mosop-crisis-tears-ogoni-apart

8 Jul 2011 – Ever before Ledum Mitee offered to step down as the president of the Movement of the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP), the pan-Ogoni socio-political group was already boiling within, with deep-seated distrust among its executive members, Ogoni elite and key stakeholders, with its ripple effects spreading throughout the entire Ogoniland.
Mitee had said on 4th January, at the 2011 Ogoni Day in Bori, that he would not seek re-election into the MOSOP office which he assumed since the November 1995 judicial execution of the late playwright and environmental rights campaigner, Ken Saro-Wiwa. part+Ledum+Mitee+says+he+will+not+seek+election+as+mosop+president&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&

Barrister E.C. Ukala of 42 Aggrey road Port Harcourt said that Ledum Mitee had agreed by signing with Shell and Government that the monstrous company (Shell) would continue to operate in Ogoni, which was also one of the very key conditions on which he was to be released.In 1999, Ledum Mitee signed for the Repatriation of Ogoni Refugees in Benin Republic, thereby frustrating and depriving thousands of Ogonis the opportunity of being resettled.
Information Supplied by TAMBARI DEEKOR
MOSOP Associate / Research Fellow
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Tue, Aug 9, 2011 at 2:09 PM
Re: Ogoni National Congress on UNEP Report.
Important mainly because of the words in the message.
hide details Aug 9 (5 days ago)
Larwisa, on a final note, please note that I don’t have the authority to do anything in Ogoni that will bind on all. All I did was a proposal; my own suggestion as done usually. I’m not a critic without solution. Therefore, if you know there is no active body already formed to kick or jump-start the Ogoni National Congress (ONC), and you know there are people that could form a so-called neutral body. Please look for them so we can proceed.
I’m not at home and can’t tell you I know anyone close like you currently know in Ogoni. My guess though was that Patrick Naagbanton, Keania Karikpo, Celestine Akpobari and others were already planning a congress meeting. This plan I thought the people I selected may help work with to do the mobilization (not the committee that will evaluate and make recommendations on the UNEP Report) for the ONC. If the Congress in the end wants to select all or some of these people I selected, it’s their call, not mine. I’m only trying to help speed up a process. I wish I could come home now, but will not be able to. Of course, numerous intellectual and non intellectual but smart Ogonis are at home and should be able to pull this through with our little support when and if necessary. Going back and forth will not help, but action will!
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Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 9:20 AM
[NUOS Intl] Fw: Congress statement
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Important mainly because of the words in the message.
hide details Aug 11 (3 days ago)
Dear All,
I am not sure all of us have had the opportunity to see this post from Ledum Mitee calling for a congress of Ogoni people on Saturday the 13th of this month. I am not sure the level of consultation that went into this process and whether the short time between this announcement and the date of the meeting gives us sufficient time to be prepared and be part of the process.
I would have thought that it would be more appropriate for Ledum to give adequate notice of this meeting given the fact that some other groups have been working on organizing this congress. I expect that this should be the first of several congress meetings on the UNEP report. We must work together to protect Ogoni unity. The Ogoni national congress should not be turned into a mere briefing meeting as was the case under the erstwhile MOSOP leadership.
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