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By Alfred Donovan and John Donovan


Displayed right is an article from the Dutch newspaper “Limburger Koerier”, headlined “SIR HENRI DETERDING”, plus a related receipt/note, both displayed on page 480 of “A History of Royal Dutch Shell” Vol 1.

Related text printed on the same page.

This extract from the Limburger Koerier of  29 December 1932 was only one of the many articles in the national and international press speculating about who might be funding the Nazi party, which was deeply in debt. Deterding’s name came up more than once.

The cutting is exactly as shown, with the rest of the article missing, conveniently, just when the name “Sir Hen” appears.

The headline states:


Sponsor of the German National Socialists?”

Sir Henri was the founder of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, which injected massive funds into the Nazis regime soon after its inception and right up to the start of World War 2.

The financial support and political backing provided by Deterding and Royal Dutch Shell may well have changed the course of history.

The article revealed that the Nazi party was 12 million marks in debt.

It then listed examples of extravagant spending by Hitler and his private army of tens of thousands. It mentions expensive houses and cars, horse riding, air travel and expensive hotels. The article goes on to speculate who was funding it all. It mentions foreign great industrialists contributing to Hitler’s political AND military organization.

The part substantiating the headline and sub-headline, which suggests exactly who was behind the funding, has been judiciously removed/censored by an unknown party.

We have already provided volumes of evidence confirming who was the main corporate sponsor of Hitler and the Nazi party: Royal Dutch Shell during and after the reign of Sir Henri Deterding.

Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazis Part 5: Evidence of Shell/Deterding financial support for the Nazis

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The quoted text shown in red and associated receipt and newspaper article are all displayed on page 480 of “A History of Royal Dutch Shell” Vol 1: “From Challenger to Joint Industry Leader 1890 -1939” by Joost Jonker & Luiten van Zanden published in the UK in 2007 by Oxford University Press. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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