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Leaked Shell internal email announces departure of senior Shell Executive, Greg Hill

From: Hill, Greg P SEPILS-EPA
To: Saw, Choo-Boon CB MALAYTR-CH/DIBD; Silalahi, Darwin SHLINDN-CH; Lim, Haw-Kuang SCHINA-CH; Gunner, Chris SDA-COO; Chadwick, Jon SEPL-GPA; Caplan, Russell R SAL-CMAN; Nielson, Bradford C SI-LSGP; Syed, Mohammed H SI-CAI; Creech, Dennis J SEPILS-EPA-S-BI; GX EPA Leadership Network; GX EPA RLT; Corner, Mark R SIEP-EPT-O; Denelle, Frank R SEPSR-EPC-TP; Glaviano, Frank A SERC-EPW; Grieve, Mike D SEPI-EPM-P; Guidry, Greg MG SCAN-EPW; Hollowell, John H SUKEP-EPE-P; Mann, Paul SARAWAK-EPA-P; Sunmonu, Mutiu OA SPDC-EPG-P
Cc: Banister, Gaurdie GE AERA-CEO; Turner, Mike SUKEP-EPE-P-N; ‘Martin, David SIEP-EP-HSSE’; De Weijer, Robbert NAM-EPE-P-O; Goligher, Alison SEPI-EPM-T; Herring, Brooks W SEPL-DRM/1
Sent: Mon Dec 08 12:15:17 2008

Dear All:
As you may have just seen on the EP website today – after much agonizing consideration – I have decided to pursue an opportunity with another company.  I will be appointed as President Worldwide EP of a significantly smaller, US-based company.  I can assure you that this was an extremely difficult decision, and I want to also assure you that this has nothing to do with unhappiness with Shell or lack of confidence in the company, its direction, or leadership.  Rather, the opportunity (which presented itself a very short time ago) simply meets a number of very personal and family needs.
Let me outline a few of these so that you can answer your own questions, squelch the rumor mill, and answer others’ questions as they may arise.
First of all, as many of you know our only child just entered University in Boston, Massachusetts.  He is a source of huge joy for both Sandy and I, and we will now be a few short hours away.   We knew we would miss Justin, but had no idea just how much until he actually left.   
Second, Sandy’s parents are in their mid-seventies and are challenged with health and financial issues.  Being able to spend more quality time with them and provide needed assistance to them is something we very much want to do.
Third, as President, I will be on the board of a publicly traded US company that includes many blue-ribbon members.  This will not only provide unique development but will also expose me to networks in the US that would otherwise be difficult to access.   And, I will be on the “sharp end” externally – being the front-man with the press and investment analysts in a very interesting time – also providing great development “edge”.   
Finally, this is all quite risky too, especially during the current financial crisis and price uncertainty, and I would be lying if I told you that I am certain that this is all going to work out or that I am not more than just a little bit scared!  But, those of you that know Sandy and I know that we place great value on family and that we also possess a deep sense of faith – a belief that opportunities in life present themselves for a reason – even if we may not fully understand them at the time – and that life tends to somehow work itself out no matter what.     
I will miss the company and all of you greatly.  After 25 years at Shell I have a deep love and respect for the company and its people and have developed many, many lifelong friends.   But, I leave with peace of mind that EP/EPA is on the right track and in good hands.  To be sure, we need to deliver on the improvements outlined at the last ELN; but I have great confidence in all of you as leaders to do what needs to be done in these topsy-turvy financial times.  I would also ask that you please give Michiel (who will be taking over my duties temporarily until a successor is decided) the same level of support and contribution that you have given me over the last 2+ years.
I can now only hope that I will leave with your understanding, good graces, wishes of good fortune, and desire to continue a long-term relationship. I certainly have all of these feelings for you, and more.  As I will be unplugged from the Shell mail system very shortly, if you wish to contact me please do so on my home email address:    
Thanks again to all of you…thank you for you contributions, support, and friendship.  Please keep in touch!
Greg Hill
Executive Vice President – Asia Pacific
Shell EP International Limited (Singapore Branch)
Tel:  +65 6215 1240
Fax: +65 6215 1105
Mobile:  +65 9818 0799
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

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