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Dr. Barinem Nubari Kiobel

Esther Kiobel holding a photo of her late husband Dr. Barinem Kiobel

The list of three court cases in blue text below was taken today from the live Pacer Electronic court records system in the USA.

Esther Kiobel is the plaintiff in each case.

All of the litigation relates to Royal Dutch Shell, the oil giant she holds responsible for the murder of her husband Dr. Barinem Nubari Kiobel. He was executed on false charges with eight other prominent Ogoni collectively known as the Ogoni 9.

As can be seen, the first case was filed on 20 Sept 2002. Here we are, over 15 years later and not one minute has been spent in court on hearing the actual merits of her claim.

Shell has used every machination possible to block that happening and is still doing so to this day.

In an effort to move forward, litigation on the same basic claim was also launched in June of this year against Shell in the Dutch courts with Esther the lead plaintiff of four “Ogoni 9” widows.


Case Title: Kiobel, et al v. Royal Dutch Petro., et al Case Number: 1:2002cv07618: Court: New York Southern District Court Date Filed: 09/20/2002, Date Closed: 09/30/2011

Case Title: Kiobel v. Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP Case Number: 1:2016cv07992 Court: New York Southern District Court Dated Filed: 10/12/2016 Date Closed: 01/24/2017

Case Title: Kiobel v. Cravath, Swaine & Moore, LLP: Case Number: 0:2017cv00424 Court:  U.S. Court Of Appeals, Second Circuit Date Filed: 02/14/2017

Cravath, Swaine & Moore as identified in the Pacer records are the US law firm representing Shell. They hold in secure premises over 100,000 items of potential evidence gathered by Shell. 

Comments by Esther Kiobel in her own words about her late husband: 

My late husband (Hon) Dr. Barinem Nubari Kiobel was a man with a prodigious heart that cared for others. A kind-hearted God-fearing selfless man. A wonderful husband, a God-fearing man, a good father, brother and a best friend. He was a man of timber and caliber. He is very much missed and will always be remembered.

As (Hon) Commissioner for Commerce Industry and Tourism he was responsible for many major achievements.

  • He successfully re-organized the ministry of commerce industry and tourism which, until then, was only a bureau. It was transformed into a well-organised ministry of repute with a high level of performance and productivity among workers.
  • The Reverend Dr. Nwator peace panel was set up by the (Hon) commissioner Dr. Barinem Nubari Kiobel to investigate causes of crises between k-dere and Bodo city communities in Gokana and to make recommendations for achieving lasting peace. As a result of above panels report and recommendations, peace has reigned between the two communities.
  • During the tenure of office as (Hon) commissioner for commerce and tourism his high level of performance in conflict management was demonstrated through moves to returning peace to Ogoniland after conflict with the Andonis leading to closure of Rivers States polytechnic Bori. His risk taking to intervene as an indigenous commissioner and high level of Diplomatic manoeuvres led to General acceptance by the locals to guarantee security of staff, students and all strangers at Bori and the polytechnic.
  • The agreements reached the locals and his personal pledge to the people and River State government guaranteeing security for all led to the reopening of Rivers State polytechnic, which was closed since May 1993. The above achievement caused him being highly loved and honored by his people the Ogoni tribe of River State of Niger. In addition during his position in four man committee MOSOP in Kpor chapter, he also brought peace, progress and unity to the entire village.

Other official engagement / Relationship he officially engagement with the Rivers State Administrator Lt. Col D.M. Komo and chief Melford Okilo. The (Hon) Minister of commerce and tourism was very remarkable and contributed highly to the success towards implementation of the national oil museum Oloibiri Project. As a good citizen of Nigeria, he contributed positively to the progress of his people and that led to Komo, Shell (SPDC) thinking, that he was going to be a good candidate to be used in their evil plan in their executive meeting that was conveyed at the government house. Fill the perpetrators got disappointed and decided to get rid of my husband, Ken and the rest of them, to make it look like they were criminals. I cannot believe what is happening seeing owners of lands, resources being killed and maimed because they speak out to possess back their freedom and wealth.

My husband blood will continue to cry out as Abel did until justice is served. I will continue fighting for justice for myself and my husband and the oppressed with God help I shall succeed.

He was a great husband, brother, father, best friend and playmate. He was a loving guy with a good heart. He loved and respected everyone around him. He always tells me that he does not mind if he died for his people, whenever I approach him about his security. He will laugh and said “darling you are still a baby, I tell you what, God is our security and without him we cannot do anything”.

Corporation like  for hell who enjoy the privilege of doing business in America and all the other pay back of corporate personhood, should be answerable for their role in gross human rights violations. My desire is for our case to become a legal precedent by which present and future victims of human rights violations can turn to United States court for relief, as provided by the Allen Tort Statues of 1789.

Shell (SPDC) fighting hard for the case not to be heard because they knew that I have evidence that can send them to prison if they were to be charged. During the deposition at Philadelphia with a Shell lawyer, she was outraged at the first evidence shown to her. She was silence for a while, and then proceeded asking me how much I was suing for. I replied her that I wanted justice for my husband and my family period. I challenged them not to be, instead prove themselves not guilty. My late husband’s blood is crying out looking for justice. Seeing my husband killers, also the perpetrators of human rights abusers out there loose is extremely frightened and painful.

(Hon) Dr. Barinem Nubari Kiobel was a man with a prodigious heart that cares for others. A kind-hearted man who was selfless. a wonderful husband, a God-fearing man, a good father, brother and a best friend. He was a man of timber and caliber. He has been very much missed and will always be remembered.


Esther Kiobel Remembering (Hon) Dr. Barinem Nubari Kiobel


Dr. Barinem Nubari Kiobel was born in Kpor Town, Gokana local Gov’t area of River State, Ogoni in Niger Delta into the family of Madam Vurage Kile Diiyor (mother) and chief Francis Kiobel Barika (father) on September 23rd 1959.

  • 1971-1975 – GCE O’LEVEL in Bonny National Grammar School, Bonny Rivers State
  • 1975-1976 – GCE A’LEVEL

West African examination council

  • 1979-1983 – Certificate/Diploma in management.

Association of business executives

  • Certificate in marketing / diploma in marketing chartered institute of marketing
  • 1983 – 84 – MBA – Master of Business Administration (Special option – international marketing)
  • 1984 – 85 – BBA bachelor of business administration degree in marketing Shiller International University.
  • 1985-1986 – MCOMM – Master of commerce degree in marketing – University of Strathclyde, GLASGOW
  • 1986-87 – Research/Analysis/Design and Evaluation – Doctoral certificate in research design, Statistical Analysis, Quantitative Technique Assessment and research methods evaluation. Scottish Business School – Doctoral training program University of Glasgow
  • 1987 – 90 – PH.D – Doctor of philosophy in tourism planning and development Strathclyde

PH.D – Research topic: – Comparative Analysis of tourism – Planning and Development in Nigeria and India.

Work Experience / Research

1976 – 1979 – Marketing officer/NPPB Permanent Representative Rivoc

  • Nigerian palm produce board, technical division.
  • Specific Assignment: Marketing officer and palm produce boards

Permanent representative at Rivoc (Rivers Vegetable Oil Company)

  • 1986-1987 – President – Nigeria Union – Scotland Functions include: Representation of Nigerians in Scotland on various bodies at non diplomatic level liaison with Nigerian dignitaries receptions.
  • 1987 – 90 – Research supervision masters and bachelor’s degrees between 1987 and 1990 he supervised both under graduate and post-graduate research students at masters and bachelor’s degree levels at the University of Strathclyde.
  • 1986 -1990 Tutorial lectureship in tourism/management.

Hotel school – University of Strathclyde

  • 1987 – 89 – Industrial Training in Tourism/Hotel management.

Trust house porte, Aston Clinton Road.

  • 1989 – 90 – Various consultancy Assignments with tour operators, travel agencies, Tourism organization, international corporate organizations.
  • 1990-1991 – He was an Assistant tourism/marketing officer trade and investment promoters section; Nigeria high commission, Northumberland.
  • 1991-92 – He was director import/export operations quicksort merchants LTD Brawne House Hillingdon.


  • 1986-1990 – David Livingstone Award University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
  • 1992-93 – He was a senior lecturer in the department of business administration faculty of management science in Rivers State.  University of science and technology Port-Harcourt.
  • Jan 1993 – January 1994 – He became chairman publicity committee KILS; Gokana.

The title above organization is a body of educated elites formed for the development of Gokana. As chairman of the publicity committee of above organization, He enlightened fellow members and entire Gokana kingdom of Ogoni tribe of embrace federal government effort to address Ogoni demands along with other along with other oil community through the OMPADEC.

Through his effort, the commissioner for community relations in OMPADEC visit Gokana kingdom and address the people of Ogoni successfully.

  • Jan 1994 – July 1994 – He was an Honorable commissioner for the Ministry of commerce industry and tourism  River State. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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