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Where is my defamation writ from Edward Heerema, Allseas son of Pieter Schelte?

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 19.09.50By John Donovan

Despite my forthright comments about Edward Heerema (the owner of the multibillion dollar ship Pieter Schelte), describing him a sinister individual who engages in shady financial machinations, I have not yet received a defamation writ.

Threats yes, but no writ. 

Edward Heerema is one of the squabbling sons of Pieter Schelte Heerema, the offshore pioneer and former German Waffen SS officer/war criminal. 

It could be because Allseas does not have my address, in which case they only need to ask me for it.

Otherwise I will assume that Allseas accepts that my comments are entirely with proper foundation,which means there are no grounds for bringing a libel action.

For the record, despite its 1,000 strong in-house legal army, Shell has never sued me for libel during the decade long existence of this Shell focussed website, which I guess is confirmation that I am cautious about what I publish. 

On reflection, Shell and Allseas/Edward Heerema are a good match. Both have Nazi connections, engage in tax avoidance machinations and have their own in-house private security operatives. 


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