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Shell GameChanger – Scam, or genuine Game Changer?

Naive students around the world are being targeted with all manner of hype and enticement, including $1,000 prizes in the USA, to submit their ideas to Shell, presumably in the belief that Shell can be trusted. Big mistake. 

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By John Donovan

I recently published an article about an inventor who has a concern that ideas he submitted in good faith to Shell GameChanger has been taken up and exploited without him receiving due credit and payment. He has supplied evidence that he did disclose ideas to Shell GameChanger over the last 15 years.

Shell GameChanger and Royal Dutch Shell Plc ignore all correspondence sent to them on the matter. Having enticed him into disclosing his ideas they are not prepared to explain whether they were adopted and used. Instead, total silence.

Is that the proper way to deal with individuals who place their trust in the integrity of Royal Dutch Shell?

The same inventor has now drawn my attention to the on-going partnership between Shell GameChanger and Arizona State University.


“Shell GameChanger and ASU have partnered to challenge faculty, staff and students to share ideas that impact a very important issue facing humanity: energy.” The Shell GameChanger program identifies and nurtures unproven ideas that have the potential to drastically impact the future of energy.

Naive students around the world are being targeted with all manner of hype and enticement, including $1,000 prizes in the USA, to submit their ideas to Shell, presumably in the belief that Shell can be trusted. Big Mistake.

Shell Ideas360 is a similar Shell scheme trawling for new ideas among university students  e.g. in conduction with the University of the Philippines.

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From my perspective, claiming as I do, the world championship in successfully suing Shell for the theft of ideas, and being aware of more recent and current claims against Shell for alleged IP theft, I feel compelled to warn students and everyone else, about trusting Shell.

Note that Shell has not taken legal action against me despite the warning notice I have placed prominently on my website. How long would Shell allow that warning to remain – it has a 1,000 strong legal army backed up by unlimited financial resources – if what I have stated has no foundation? I discovered that there are greedy unethical people at Shell seeking to enrich themselves and further their ambitions.

It does seem unlikely that the whole worldwide GameChanger scheme has been deliberately set up to trawl for new ideas and then steal the best ones.

Nonetheless, if the experience of the inventor I have referred to is any guide, Shell is prepared to act improperly knowing that most people would never dream of taking on Shell in the courts, and will simply give up, leaving Shell to exploit ideas obtained under the false pretences of being a trustworthy partner willing to co-operate and turn an idea into reality.

If Shell is genuine, it should offer a low cost binding independent arbitration service available to decide, in the event of a dispute, if an idea really is novel, practical, relevant, and has potential commercial value. Dependant on that assessment, it could then decide on what basis the inventor should be rewarded if the idea is exploited by Shell.

Refusing to even talk or correspond with a person who has submitted an idea to GameChanger, leaving them to either sue or give up, is not acceptable or fair.

From Shell Ideas360 website

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