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Ireland Digs Deep For Economic Recovery

The solution to Ireland’s economic woes could be under the seabed – if further reserves are found it could begin exporting oil.

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Saturday 03 August 2013

By David Blevins, Ireland Correspondent, in County Mayo

Seismic surveys are to be carried out to ascertain if Ireland has enough oil and gas reserves to export fuel.

Shell is already building the longest gas tunnel in Europe (4.9km) to transport fuel from one field, 85km off the west coast.

If Russia ever turns off the supply, Ireland may soon be able to offer an alternative.

Michael Crothers, managing director of Shell Ireland, explained: “Because Ireland is beside a major market, and the UK is looking at decommissioning nuclear facilities, having to shut down coal-fired power plants because of greenhouse gas emissions, there’s an enormous opportunity for Ireland, if gas can be found, to export into that ready market.” read more and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.
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