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Posts on ‘February 15th, 2012’

Scottish Police focus on Bill Campbell challenge to Scottish Prosecutor

By John Donovan

Interesting to see that the article “Retired Shell HSE Group Auditor challenges Scottish Prosecutor” is currently featured on the Scottish Police website…

Retired Shell HSE Group Auditor challenges Scottish Prosecutor – Royal Dutch Shell plc .com


I have no proof nor will I ever find that proof, but this reprehensible conduct of the legal authorities smells to high heaven of masonic lodges. It is commonly known that a great many employees of Shell Expro are freemasons. The police forces all over the world are well presented in the various lodges. I would not be surprised if Brinded himself is a member. Bill Campbell is a very courageous man taking on these evil forces. We in Shell all knew him to be a completely honest and competent Maintenance manager and HSE auditor. But he loses against all the parasites and sycophants whose sole job is to protect the directors. And then live well on the spoils of their abhorrent activities. Top marks for the Donovans who keep this festering sore in the spotlight. To some it maybe a lot of repeating old stories, but those that want to hide and bury their bad actions know that time is on their side. And Shell has deep pockets and knows how to procrastinate. read more and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.
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