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Irish Independent: Coming home to roost at Bellanaboy

Published: Oct 24, 2006

I note that you seem to proffer some praise to Dr Jerry Cowley TD for his efforts in trying to clear a way for workers to get on to the Bellanaboy Gas Terminal (Irish Independent, October 21). Tribute was paid to the same deputy by a senior Garda officer in the area. I also noted that Dr Cowley was heckled by some of the imports into the place. Now, having watched the situation for some time, I am wary of people who have helped bring about a situation and perhaps created a Frankenstein monster trying to control a situation when it gets out of hand. Chickens do come home to roost. Dr Cowley also calls on the Government for “talks”. I would remind him that Peter Cassells, one of our foremost negotiators tried his best in this dispute and came up against a stone wall. The Garda operation, however expensive must continue, and the Government cannot yield. BRENDAN CAFFERTY, BALLINA, CO MAYO

I was one of the people demonstrating against the building of a gas refinery at Corrib. Contrary to political and media spin I am just an ordinary person disgusted by the way the government is cynically disregarding the interests of its own citizens in favour of foreign multinationals. And for what? The gas rights have been given away for nothing and will be sold back to the Irish consumer at competitive rates. So who exactly is benefiting from this deal? I had an opportunity to discuss the issues with local Shell to Sea protesters during a tea-break. They enlightened me as to the full extent of the abuse and environmental damage being imposed upon their community. And remember, they only want the refinery moved out to sea, not stopped. Particulary disturbing is recent legislation which gives government backing for Shell to use land which has been farmed for generations, without the owner’s consent. It is wrong to say the campaign has been highjacked by outsiders. Apart from the odd hothead, the vast majority demonstrating were there to support the local people in their David and Goliath struggle. At all times, even during heated moments, we were guided by the local campaigners and members of the community. MARIA MASON, CROWE ABBEY, CO WICKLOW and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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