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Reuters: CHRONOLOGY-Nigerian militants’ attacks on oil, gas industries

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Oct 22 (Reuters) – Seven foreign oil workers who were being held hostage in Nigeria’s southern Niger Delta have been released and are in good health, police said at the weekend.

Following is a chronology of some major attacks on the Nigerian oil industry in the last six months.

— May 10 – A U.S. oil executive employed by Baker Hughes is killed in Port Harcourt.

— May 11 – An Italian is among three kidnapped workers, employees of Italian oil contractor Saipem. They are freed on May 12.

— June 2 – Eight foreign oil workers are abducted from the Bulford Dolphin oil rig off southern Nigeria. They are released two days later.

— June 7 – Militants attack a Shell-operated natural gas facility in the Niger Delta, kidnapping five South Korean contractors. Militants free them the next day after a plea by the jailed leader in whose name the Koreans were abducted.

— June 20 – Two Filipinos with Beaufort International are kidnapped near Port Harcourt. They are freed five days later.

— July 6 – Gunmen seize Dutchman Michael Los in Bayelsa in the Niger Delta. He is freed four days later.

— July 25 – Attackers from nearby village seize the Agip Ogbainbiri flow station in southern Nigeria, taking 24 workers hostage. They leave on July 31 after being paid off by the government. Agip says lost output was 170,000 barrels.

— Aug 3 – German Guido Schiffarth, an employee of Bilfinger and Berger, kidnapped in Port Harcourt, is released on Aug. 19.

— Aug 4 – Gunmen abduct three Filipino oil workers from a bus near Port Harcourt. They are released 10 days later.

— Aug 9 – Two Norwegian and two Ukrainian oil workers are kidnapped and freed six days later.

— Aug 10 – Two contractors, a Belgian and a Moroccan, are kidnapped in Port Harcourt. Both are released on Aug. 14.

— Aug 13 – Five foreign oil workers are kidnapped from a nightclub in Port Harcourt, two Britons, a German, an Irishman and a Pole. An American has also been kidnapped.

— Aug 16 – A Lebanese man is kidnapped near the border between Rivers and Bayelsa states. He is freed 16 days later.

— Aug 24 – An Italian oil worker employed by Saipem is seized by gunmen in Port Harcourt. He is freed five days later.

— Oct 2 – Twenty-five Nigerian staff of a Royal Dutch Shell contractor are abducted after a raid on boats carrying supplies to Shell facilities in the Cawthorne Channel in Rivers state. They are relased two days later.

— Oct 21 – Seven foreign oil workers held hostage since Oct. 3 are released. The men, four Britons, one Romanian, one Malaysian and an Indonesian, were kidnapped in a raid on a compound for expatriate contractors working for Exxon Mobil. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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