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Shell to Sea allege intimidation and assault by Irish Police on anti-Shell protesters

October 12th, 2006

A small part of North Mayo is now under occupation by the Irish police who are facilitating multinational corporations in their exploitation of Irish resources and abuse of Irish citizens.

Ordinary decent people are being abused, intimidated, assaulted and arrested. The mainstream media is endorsing Shell spin that seeks to smear and misinform.

Independent news sources including and continue to play a critical role in ensuring the truth is getting out.

News reports, audio, video and photos are being updated several times a day.

Please stay tuned, spread the word and get active. We must all join together, work together and stand together. The time is NOW!

Over the last two weeks the Shell to Sea campaign has been subjected to a coordinated assault designed to de-legitimise and criminalise local opposition to Shell’s project in Mayo. On the one hand, a large force of Gardai has been deployed to facilitate Shell’s resumption of work.

Garda policing of local protests has become increasingly aggressive and is adding to tensions on the ground. Numerous incidents have been logged by monitors and will be pursued in due course. On the other hand, a concerted campaign has been waged by some sections of the media alleging that our campaign is centred on intimidation and effectively run by subversive elements.

The reality is that Shells project does not have the consent of the majority of the people directly affected by it. We are defending peacefully our community from the unprecedented threat to our health and safety posed by this project. Almost no benefits other than short-term construction jobs will arise from this project to our community and the people of Mayo. The fiscal terms governing the project ensure no benefits whatsoever will accrue to the people of Ireland.

Shell to Sea does not engage in or condone intimidation. We are the property of no political party and no political ideology. We are grounded in our community and in those large numbers of people nationally and internationally who willingly support us. Smearing the genuine concerns of people will not obscure the reality of our support nor the reasonableness and validity of our arguments.

Finally, we note that the three men arrested by Gardai this morning are local fishermen and note that these arrests come two days after a statement supporting our campaign from the Erris Inshore Fishermens Association.

Beir Bua

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