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The case which Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong brought against Shell for wrongful dismissal resumes in the Malaysian High Court on 15 March when more Shell employees will give testimony and be subjected to cross-examination.
The unprecedented defamation case which EIGHT ROYAL DUTCH SHELL companies have collectively brought against Dr Huong, a geologist and humanitarian who worked for Shell for 29 years, is awaiting a response from Shell to the Defence recently filed by lawyers acting for Dr Huong.
Both cases revolve around Shell’s failure to abide by its own STATEMENT OF GENERAL BUSINESS PRINCIPLES (the SGBP) – its voluntary code of business ethics pledging honesty, openness and integrity in all of Shell’s dealings. Shell senior management has already acknowledged serious breaches of the code in relation to the reserves fraud. Dr Huong was reportedly the first Shell employee to blow the whistle internally at Shell about false information being given to Shell shareholders regarding hydrocarbon reserves. Dr Huong acted in accordance with the SGBP.
Shell management disregarded his conscience driven warning on the reserves (and subsequently on health and safety issues) and thereafter punished, humiliated and victimised Dr Huong in blatant breach of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights which Shell purports to support. The Defamation action has silenced Dr Huong since June 2004. He is under threat of imprisonment for any breach of an Injunction and Restraining Order in respect of information published under his name on this website. The litigation does not extend to the European joint authors/publishers of the offending articles – Alfred and John Donovan – but is directed solely at Dr Huong, who is a Malaysian national. Shell International is on record as supporting the right of Alfred Donovan to criticise Shell on his website but this freedom for some unknown reason does not extend to Dr Huong. The gagging order is in flagrant breach of his rights to freedom of expression under the same Declaration.
The date and place of the Industrial High Court hearing will take place as follows:
Date: 15, 16 and 17th March 2006
Place: Bangunan Binamas (same building as HSBC)
8th Floor (Industrial Court),
Padungan, Kuching City
Sarawak, East Malaysia
Shell is faced with a real dilemma on what to do next in regards to the defamation suit. It is already an International laughing stock with the prohibited articles and/or extracts proliferating on websites around the globe despite the High Court Injunction. The entire articles – Instalments 1, 2 & 3, are even posted on their own global website, (TellShell Archive). Extracts are also posted within the Malaysian jurisdiction on an award winning website which promotes freedom of expression in what is a repressed society.
If Shell withdraws the action Dr Huong will be able to say exactly what he wants. He has Shell internal documents stored away in various non-Malaysian locations and is champing at the bit to write a book about his terrible experiences at the hands of a discredited dishonest Shell management which was also responsible for the reserves fraud.
If Shell pursues the action Dr Huong will be given the opportunity in open court to expose Shell management for what it is – incompetent, unscrupulous and vindicative. Various NGO’s will have a field day supplying testimony about Shell's misdeeds. For the first time Shell management will be confronted in the witness box about environmental damage, undercover activity against its perceived enemies (such as Greenpeace) and crimes against humanity e.g. alleged murder, repression, pollution etc in the financial rape of Nigeria, in association with corrupt Nigerian regimes. All subjects covered in Dr Huong’s articles.

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