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Extracts from Mein Kampf English Translation 1941

By John Donovan

Sir Henri Deterding was mentioned in the annotations of a translation into English of Mein Kampf(1) – the infamous semi autobiography written by Adolf Hitler,(2) which set out his political ideology.(3)

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler: Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock. Place of Publication into English: New York. Publication Year: 1941.

On pages 184 & 185 the large text was authored by Adolf Hitler and the smaller text, the annotations made by the team listed in the introduction, who in the introduction, also provide an explanation for the annotations.

Extract from publishers annotation on page 184.

Rosenberg and others have been convinced that British support could be gained for any serious attempt to undermine the Russian system and therewith stamp out the Third International as a fomenter of world revolution. Two reasons for this conviction are usually advanced. The first is the support received by White Russian revolutionists from English sources, which support has occasionally been deflected to Hitler. The second is the feud long since in progress between certain British financiers and the Soviet system. Sir Henry Deterding, the oil magnate, is the most manifest of the partisans of Germany;


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