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Following Explosion, Shell Moerdijk Criticised by Dutch Safety Board

Enhanced Google Translation of a Reuters report published in Dutch on 9 July 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 19.31.15Shell has therefore not fulfilled the high expectations of safety management within the company.

Shell Moerdijk should be more critical of security risks in the company.

Thus concludes the Safety Board in a report on the explosion at the company’s plant on June 3 last year, which was published Thursday.

“Shell was not aware of the chemical reaction that eventually led to an explosion,” according to the study.

”As a result, employees were not able to intervene in time. Especially in the implementation of changes in production processes, equipment and raw materials the company must do better to consider new risks that arise here.”

According to Shell the explosion resulted from pressure in the reactor of the plant.This was in one of the factories where the raw materials for the production of plastics are produced.


The riskiest companies in the Netherlands, which belong to Shell should ”take all possible measures to ensure the security, emphasizes the OVV.

”Especially a company like Shell which presents itself as a forerunner in the field of security and that is known as such by the regulators, the board expects a critical look at their own processes and safety procedures. ”

The Safety Board is surprised at Shell Moerdijk internal procedures have not been followed, there are insufficient lessons learned from previous incidents and signals within the organization and incorrect assumptions are made about basic chemical reactions. Shell has therefore not fulfilled the high expectations of safety management within the company.”

Mayor Jac Klijs Moerdijk says ” shocked ” to be the conclusions of the Research Council. ” You can never be too preoccupied with security, emphasizes the mayor in response to the Safety Board report released Thursday.

The municipality believes that improving the safety culture both for businesses and for the government to be a “top priority.” Moerdijk also wants to invest in risk to its inhabitants.

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1 Comment on “Following Explosion, Shell Moerdijk Criticised by Dutch Safety Board”

  1. #1 Bill Campbell
    on Jul 16th, 2015 at 17:17

    A bit surprised at the constant reference to security, I think in the UK we are all aware of what security means, Do no understand why the reference to the failure to follow procedures etc, unawareness of potential for chemicals reacting into explosive mixture to be failures in health and safety rather than our common understanding of security, it may just be a language thing, maybe London Lad and Relieved may clarify.


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