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From an insider…

Relieved in Port Arthur

Well, finally…. not the announcement that we all wanted to see, but good enough for us.


He is going to Upstream as an Operations Excellence VP. What a fall for this guy!!! We had hoped it would be a retirement notice. He now can slither off down I-10 and go ACT like he is adding value to Shell’s Upstream. This gets him finally out of Motiva and out of Port Arthur.

Tom, your legacy is a joke. You leave us nothing. This project ended up being overspent ( $12B, not $10B as Shell says in the media) and 2 years past due.

Tom, you ruined many people’s good careers in this march to the top of Mount Purves Ego. I hope you look in the mirror and see the real Purves one day and can live with what you have done. Good riddance. You are a non event and that is how you will go out. Buried in Shell with a nothing job…. But, you were actually good at doing this your whole career so it will work out fine. To see you being operations excellence VP over projects is a joke but typical Shell. Do us all one last favor and take Funkhouser with you. We all know where he will go if you do…. We also know where he will go if you don’t.

Prayers answered!


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