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By John Donovan

MUSAINT, in answer to your comment, we have modified the new Live Chat format so that it is easier to read.  Visitors are now able to leave much longer comments so there should be no need for multipart Live Chat postings.  I transferred a small selection of  recent postings from the former Live Chat box. 

We are being forced to try various changes to the site, some seen and some unseen, to combat persistent cyber attacks, some of which have put the site out of action as many visitors will have noticed. 

Shell has already admitted in writing that it contacted our website hosting companies and issued threats against them which in turn resulted in ultimatums being issued against us. Shell had no legal grounds to send cease and desist  notices, but managed to bully the two companies, one in Canada and the other in the USA, to issue ultimatums against us. We have recently moved the website to a dedicated server in our control, but the attacks which slow access and crash the site, continue: hence the further changes that will hopefully improve our defences against hacker style attacks.

We now have proof that Shell is suppressing traffic to our website through a third party based overseas. 

If Shell challenges in court the truth of what we are stating as categorical fact, we will produce the evidence in the form of Shell emails.

The hostile acts by Shell intended to censor or silence our site are no great shock bearing in mind the content of Shell internal communications released to us under a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act revealing that a Shell team has been set up to combat our activities.  

With the patience and support of our regular visitors, we will continue to provide an entirely non commercial website outlet for Shell whistleblowers and for all who wish to speak out about Shell, or this website and its owners. We welcome all contributions to the debate.

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.

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