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By John Donovan

The EIGHT Shell Group companies collectively suing Dr Huong for alleged defamation have for several years buried him in High Court injunctions and applications seeking his imprisonment. The purpose of the multiple injunctions is to silence him. That background makes it dangerous to report events. Injunctions are meant to be temporary in nature pending a court hearing. They are not meant to drag on for several years. I do know from sources that due solely to an application by Shell, the court hearing for August 2008 has been put back to February 2009.

This further delay takes the action into its sixth year, yet amazingly the proceedings have not even reached the stage of the judge stipulating a time table regarding exchange of witness statements and discovery, with a trial date being set. Shell has allowed the litigation to drag on for so long that a new trial judge has had to be appointed.

Dr Huong has found it impossible to find a job as a production geologist while the flawed legal proceedings by Shell have hung over his head for all these years. What oil company would employ him in such circumstances?

This gross injustice has remained year after year despite the fact that the original judge and Shell were notified in writing within days of Shell issuing proceedings that Shell was suing the wrong party in respect of the wrong website in the wrong legal jurisdiction. It amounts to a monumental infringement of the basic human rights of Dr Huong under the UN declaration of universal human rights, which Shell purports to support. (Another PR deception designed to fool the gullible.)

It is one more indicator that evil lurks at the core of Shell senior management. Further confirmation of the dark side of Shell is in the pipeline. It’s the most astonishing and shocking story we have ever heard about Shell, all backed up by a host of evidence. We will put the evidence to Shell before publication.

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