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Irish Independent: Will Shell pay overtime bill?

Published: Oct 11, 2006

APROPOS of the Corrib oil/shell fiasco currently unfolding in the Erris area of Mayo, I have heard it said, the powers that be have stated they have allowed for 170 gardai a day for two-and-half years until things settle down.

A back of the envelope piece of arithmetic which allows for a conservative estimate of 1,025 per guard per day, which includes wages, overtime, expenses, room and board and transport costs to and from the proposed terminal viz 1,025 times 170 guards, times 365 days, times 2.5 years comes to the not inconsiderable grand total of 159m.

As we all know, the last time a project came in on budget and on schedule, was when God created the world. The big question is: who pays the cost?

If Shell are, then they would be well advised to look at their projected costs for processing off-shore.

If the people of Ireland are paying, then, as the saying goes ‘shame on us’.

Might I suggest we call the figure of 159m, Raphael’s legacy in honour of the man who started the whole sorry shambles.

Liam Power

Bangor Erris

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