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Regnum – Moscow, Russia: Sakhalin Energy expects Oleg Mitvol’s check

On September 27-30, activists of ecological NGOs will visit Sakhalin region to assess the ecological situation in the region. Rosprirodnadzor (Russian federal environment protection agency) Deputy Head Oleg Mitvol will take part in the visit, REGNUM was informed at the ministry of natural resources.

It is planned that helicopters with the delegation aboard will fly over objects of infrastructure that are being constructed as part of the Shell Company’s Sakhalin 2 Project. Oleg Mitvol will meet with representatives of the Sakhalin Energy Company and attend session on environment protection in the framework of the “Oil and Gas of Sakhalin 2006” Conference.

Diplomats of embassies of Great Britain, Germany, Japan, the USA, and South Korea are invited to take part in the visit.

Last week, the ministry of natural resources recalled ecological license for the Shell’s Sakhalin 2 oil and gas project in the Far East, pointing to violations of environmental legislation.

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