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Interfax (China): Jilin Shell’s oil shale project “making firm progress”

Shanghai.  September  11. INTERFAX-CHINA – The oil shale project carried out by Jilin  Shell Oil Shale Development Co., Ltd. (Jinlin Shell) ), is “making firm progress,” the company announced.

The joint-venture  company has dug 5 exploration wells, Liu Xiaowei, the director of  External  Affairs  of  Shell  (China)  said, at the Second Northeast Asia Investment And Trade Expo in Jilin.

Liu said  the  project  is  being  carried  out  in  three  phases: the exploration  phase  to  survey  the  oil  shale  resources  available in northeastern  China’s Jilin province, which will last 2 years; the trial production phase and the mass production phase, China Oil News reported.

“The project  is  significant  to  diversify  the  energy sources of our country,”   Qiu  Xiaofeng,  an  oil  and  gas  analyst  with  Everbright Securities, told Interfax.

“China has  abundant  oil  shale  resources,  of.  billions  [of  tons], including proven reserves of 17.4 bln tons in Jilin province, accounting for about 55% of the total proven quantity of the whole country; and the estimated  oil  reserves  [in Jilin] are larger than 870 mln tons,” said Zang Quanye, the deputy director of Jilin Bureau of Land and Resources.

“Due to  technological  factors,  oil  products  made from oil shale are pretty expensive, so far, but as an alternative energy, it will increase energy supplies, and reduce our dependency.,” Qiu said.

Jilin Shell  is  a joint-venture company established by Jilin Guangzheng Minerals  Co.,  Ltd.  and  Shell  (China)  on  September  1  2005,  with investment  of USD 150 mln, aiming at exploring and developing oil shale
deposits in Jilin.

The oil  shale  project  was  officially  launched in May this year. The first well was dug in Chaigang Town, Nongan County. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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