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Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com: Shell SA announces new V-Power cleaner diesel fuel

From BusinessDay (South Africa)
MOTORING: Cleaner Diesel 
Peter Taylor

Shell SA has announced the availability of its new V-Power diesel fuel throughout the country.

In common with the petrol version, V-Power diesel helps keep the injectors clean, preventing the build-up of deposits and allowing the motor to produce its maximum power.

Journalists were invited to attend a day’s outing starting at the Kyalami race, to sample the effects of the new fuel in Audis, fuelled by the new diesel.

Our steeds were three-litre A8 TDI (turbo direct injection) four-door saloons with six-speed automatic gearboxes which you can also use as a manual.

Once inside the car you simply cannot hear the engine at all, let alone tell its a diesel.

Only under fierce acceleration is there a slight growl.

And do these cars move!

My team of four was timed at 212 km/h at Gerotek.

But that’s by no means the top speed – that was what we achieved at the high-speed track.

We were chauffeured by the instructors of the Audi 4Rings Driving Experience around Gauteng, and had to follow clues to reach various destinations. An “Amazing Challenge” rather than an Amazing Race.

At each stop we were given tasks to do and timed doing them. There were to be prizes in several categories at the end of the day.

After filling up at the Midrand Ultra City, we headed for Gerotek, where we sped around the high-speed banked circuit, then over Hartbeespoort dam, on to the Cradle of Mankind, back towards Randburg, then finally returned to Kyalami.

Here we saw a practical demonstration of what the chemicals in the new diesel do. The first showed how one of the chemicals prevents frothing while filling up the tank, with the second one demonstrating the rust preventative qualities.

It was impressive.

After lunch we drove the Audis around the race track as fast as we dared. At the end of the day the instructors took us around the track at racing speed.

A lot quicker than my attempt!

At question time, we found out that the new V-Power diesel will cost more than the standard version but not because of the V-Power chemistry.

The increase in price is because the new diesel has 90% less sulphur — 50 parts per million (ppm) as opposed to the norm of 500 ppm, according to Erwin Friederich, vice-president retail of Shell Oil Products South Africa.

In an effort to prove the effectiveness of the new fuel Audi and Shell entered two Audi R10 diesel-powered racing cars in the gruelling 24-hour race at Le Mans, France.

On their first outing on the Continent, the cars finished a fairy-tale first and third.

While Shell is quite happy to embrace the victory, the V in V-Power is for a chemical called Vaporon.

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