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The following is an email received from Ben Wuloo Ikari, the author of a recently published book entitled *“Ken Saro-Wiwa And Mosop-The Story and Revelation”.



Dear Mr. Donovan,


I write to show my appreciation for all your efforts at making Shell Oil accountable and responsible. You've been one of the very few who keep the deadly company on its toes. Dr. John Houng, is another. Thanks so very much for the tested information you continue to provide your audience. My regard also to your son for his high spirit and zeal to uphold the truth against a company that believe in killing for profit making.


Meanwhile, I'm Ogoni, based in the US and have just published a book titled Ken Saro-Wiwa And Mosop-The Story and Revelation. And, as the name implies, it deals basically with my hero's life from birth to death; the struggle (MOSOP) he left behind, etc. It can be found at Barnes & Noble,, and I'm dearly scouting for promotional avenues so, the world may know the man they killed. If not for people of goodwill like you I wonder what Ken's legacy would have been today. I therefore request very humbly and respectfully that you keep the flag flying until victory is at our doorsteps. Stay fine and God bless!



Ben Wuloo Ikari.



Ken Saro-Wiwa And Mosop-The Story And Revelation


By Ben Wuloo Ikari

ISBN: 1-59926-297-5 (Trade Paperback)

ISBN: 1-59926-298-3 (Hardback)

Pages: 153




Paperback prices reflect 15% discount off retail

Hardback prices reflect 10% discount off retail Trade Paperback $17.84

Hardback $27.89

Printed in the United States of America, by Xlibris Corporation


Copies are also available at Ingram, Barnes & Noble,, and, or email to [email protected].


All questions and concerns are welcome at [email protected]


[email protected] – the author's contacts.


Description (edited by


Ken Saro-Wiwa And Mosop, The Story and Revelation allows everyone, particularly minorities/students (scholars and environmentalists) all over the world to learn more of the life of this great man, who lived most of his life struggling to save his people and the environment; the Niger River Delta, the oppressed of Nigeria, Africa, and the larger world. He was a man of peace, of ideas, one of the bravest.


The Rivers State Internal Security Taskforce ethnically cleansed Ogoni (committed genocide) on the orders of Shell, because Ogoni under Ken Saro-Wiwa took their destiny into their hands.


Shell was declared persona non grata in Ogoni. And the company remains so. The book encourages Ogoni to non-violently continue to embarrass Shell until it has paid all accrued royalties, rents, other compensations, cleaned the environment of her mess and vacated the land completely.

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