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Harvard Business School Document (April 2000): Royal Dutch/Shell in Nigeria

A Shell insider has kindly supplied us with a copy of an important and revealing Harvard Business School document regarding the activities of Royal Dutch/Shell in Nigeria.
Brian Anderson faced a deeply disturbing situation. It was October 31,1995—just over a year since he'd been named managing director of Royal Dutch/Shell's Nigerian oil exploration and development operation. During the previous months, tensions between the Nigerian government and a group of activists for the Ogoni people—one of Nigeria's 240 minority tribes—had finally come to a head. Arrested and imprisoned on charges of inciting murder in May 1994, fourteen of the activists had been tried before a special military tribunal that was regarded by many as a hanging court. During the proceedings, Anderson had spoken out publicly about the defendants' right to due process, medical treatment, and lawyers of their choosing. However, his words had had no noticeable effect on the decisionmakers in the government in Abuja, headed by General Sani Abacha, the country's military dictator who in 1993 had usurped the power of a short-lived civilian government.
Among the imprisoned was Ken Saro-Wiwa, a vocal critic not only of the Nigerian government but also of Shell. A popular novel and screenplay writer, television producer, talented organizer, and environmentalist, Saro-Wiwa was—and had been since 1993—the leader of MOSOP (Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People). According to Emeka Achebe, the external relations manager for Shell's Nigeria operation at that time, the decision to try the Ogoni activists before a special military tribunal rather than a judge and civilian jury had two implications: first, the tribunal could impose the death sentence for being an accessory to murder…
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