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Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 00.20.35By John Donovan

Just read the article by Tom Banks published today by Design Week under the headline:

“Shell lifts the lid on new digital strategy”


Radley Yeldar  has redesigned Shell’s website, which will act as a hub for all corporate and consumer activity.

Radley Yeldar digital director Richard Coope says this extended to 74 different websites, in the region of 68 social networks and accounts and 18 mobile apps. In total they found were 27,000 pages of content.

His team has worked with the Shell brand and visual identity teams to make Shell’s branding “more in tune with a digital environment”. It is, he says, “the most rigorously policed and well understood brand in the world.” read more

News items of interest to Shell

In view of its past horrendous track record of dealing with a whistleblower (buried alive in multiple defamation actions, multiple injunctions, threat of imprisonment etc) and the fact that Shell was a pioneer in evil, sinister blacklisting activities, Shell is likely to be interested in these current news stories…


The Financial Times carries the story that the Home Office in the UK is considering a US-style system in which corporate whistleblowers are paid a proportion of the penalties paid by companies. The suggestion was apparently buried deep in the policy document announcing the launch of the new National Crime Agency earlier this week.


The construction firms – Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Costain, Kier, Laing O’Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine, Skanska UK and Vinci – have apologised for their involvement with the company that held the blacklist, The Consulting Association. But they have not admitted liability. read more

Verdict on Royal Dutch Shell CFO Simon Henry

Shell internal email correspondence irrefutably proves that Simon Henry was aware in March 2002 that “reserves bookings were made that should not have been made”. Walter van de Vijver, the “sick and tired” Chief Executive of Shell EP, gave the information directly to him. As can be seen in the email, Walter van de Vijver aggressively accused Mr Henry of setting targets that were near impossible to achieve. The question arises of whether Mr Henry was a culprit, an accomplice, or an innocent bystander.

By John Donovan


We have published a series of articles about the starring role of Simon Henry in the Royal Dutch Shell reserves scandal.

Shell internal email correspondence irrefutably proves that Simon Henry was aware in March 2002 that “reserves bookings were made that should not have been made”. Walter van de Vijver, the “sick and tired” Chief Executive of Shell EP, gave the information directly to him. Walter van de Vijver accused Mr Henry of setting targets that were near impossible to achieve. read more


By John Donovan

Shell has for many years supposedly operated within an ethical code which, according to its current webpage on the subject, was first published in 1976.

This does not tally with the relevant pages in “A HISTORY OF ROYAL DUTCH SHELL, Volume 3,” about the history of the code – known in the 1990’s as the Shell Statement of General Business Principles.

Apparently they were first drafted in 1962, restated and first published in 1976, made freely available to the public from 1981 and reformulated in 1997, for the first time including human rights. read more

Study for Shell’s Jackpine oilsands mine predicts big losses in animal habitat

By Marty Klinkenberg, Edmonton Journal October 21, 2012

A black-throated green warbler bathes at the bird sanctuary at High Island in Texas, May 8, 2006.

Photograph by: NATALIE CAUDILL , MCT

EDMONTON – Shell Canada outlines a substantial loss of habitat for birds, woodland caribou, bison and other animals in an environmental assessment of the proposed expansion of its Jackpine oilsands mine in northeastern Alberta.

The document prepared by the company for an upcoming public hearing predicts that the impact of all development projects in the region, including but not restricted to the proposed Jackpine mine, would result in the loss of 40 to 60 per cent of the habitat for birds, 47 per cent of habitat critical to woodland caribou, 39 per cent of the habitat used by wood bison and significant swaths of forest important to fisher, lynx, wolverine, moose, beaver and black bear. read more




“…Shell shareholders have to foot the bill for lawyers fees run up in the course of defending fat cat crooks, such as Sir Phillip Watts, the disgraced former Group Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group. Sir Phillip ended up with a $18 million USD pension pot AND with all his ongoing legal fees being paid by Shell shareholders. This was after he had LIED AND COVERED UP THE TRUTH ABOUT SHELL’S RESERVES, AND IN THE PROCESS, DESTROYED SHELL’S REPUTATION”

By Alfred Donovan: Monday 12 Sept 2005

The press is having a field day in devising colourful headlines about the scandal ridden Royal Dutch Shell Group. An article in “The Sunday Times” yesterday had a story under the headline: “Shell move robs UK investors”. It reported on the horrendous tax implications for UK Royal Dutch shareholders resulting from the recent Royal Dutch/Shell unification and the dubious way in which Shell has dealt with the controversy thus far.

Yesterdays “Independent on Sunday” used the term “Clever Rascals” about Shell in a headline relating to the Sakhalin project in Russia and the potential ramifications in respect of the critically endangered western grey whale. For the record, the Encarta Online Dictionary definition of a “rascal” is: “dishonest person: somebody, especially a man, who is dishonest or otherwise unethical”. read more

Question mark over legal status of Royal Dutch Shell Business Principles


Question mark over legal status of Royal Dutch Shell Statement of General Business Principles

“The development may also be of interest to the Rossport Five jailed in Ireland at Shell’s behest after making a stand on environmental grounds.”

Friday 9 September 2005: 10.00am ET

By John Donovan

Comments in an important judicial handbook recently published as part of the United Nations Environment Programme, imply that contrary to previous understanding, voluntary Codes of Conduct implemented by multinational corporations may be subject to rights of legal redress. As a result, it appears that legal remedies for corporate misdeeds may have now reached the doorstep of Shell in relation to its Statement of General Business Principles (SGBP) which solemnly pledge honesty, integrity and transparency in all of Shell’s dealings. The SGBP is specifically cited in the relevant comments. read more

US pension fund giants lead Shell onslaught


By John Donovan

In May 2005, Royal Dutch Shell was in the middle of the maelstrom arising from the reserves scandal. Shell had defrauded many of its own shareholders as a result of filing false information with the US Securities & Exchange Commission. The Sunday Telegraph article printed below provides an insight into the subsequent legal “onslaught”.

After being approached by the U.S. lawyers, Bernstein Liebhard & Lifshitz, acting for the lead plaintiffs, I supplied Shell insider evidence and contact with Shell whistleblowers, including Dr John Huong, a Shell production geologist.  read more

Corporate Scandals: Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat

Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat, the collective knickers of the business world are in a twist about ethics, and rightly so. Deals are the building blocks of business. Enormous sums are at stake and the money belongs mostly to strangers, not neighbours. Without ethics to define deals and fair dealing, business will not get done.

Introduction by John Donovan:

Dr John Huong (right), the renowned former Shell Production Geologist who blew the whistle internally at Shell in respect of the oil and gas reserves fraud is the author of this article. It was written at a time when he was being sued for defamation by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies in respect of postings made on this website under his name. Shell eventually withdrew the claim and settled a counterclaim brought by Dr Huong for wrongful dismissal.

Reflections on the Essay By Mr Thomas Stewart on Corporate Governance and the morals at workplace environment

By Dr John Huong read more



At long last, someone has written an invaluable guide on how ordinary individuals can publicly criticize the rich and powerful, including multinational corporations, by using the Internet.

EXTRACT: …the most successful gripe site of all time, which targets Shell Oil, actually operates under the domain name, Shell’s legal trading name.


The supplier in question advised us of a favored relationship Shell has had with a rival vendor. It became plain that unless they were prepared to abandon their own principles and hand out substantial bribes, they might as well give up trying to do business with Shell/Motiva. Contract/procurement decisions are allegedly made not on competitive pricing and first class support, but instead on the size and frequency of bribes. So its basically, cough up or give up. read more

Globalization of class action lawsuits

From the outset of the litigation, Lead Counsel used our website to generate witnesses and evidence, including important information from Dr John Huong, the Shell production geologist who blew the whistle on the reserves fraud.

By John Donovan

In January 2006, a U.S. Federal Judge set a deadline of 1st March 2006, to find a Royal Dutch Shell shareholder qualified to act as a representative of all non-US Shell shareholders in a global expansion of the U.S. class action litigation already underway in respect of the oil reserves scandal.

Shell had, for a number of years, deliberately filed Form 20F returns with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission containing false information about its claimed proven hydrocarbon reserves. read more

Malaysian Judge told Shell that they should sue John Donovan in the UK

Dr Huong was buried in multiple injunctions arising from alleged defamatory postings on our website. Shell also attempted to have him committed to prison and was apparently keen that I should become a fellow prisoner, after they gave up trying to lure my father to Malaysia.

By John Donovan

In 2004, EIGHT companies within the Royal Dutch Shell Group collectively took legal action against Dr John Huong (above), a former Shell production geologist who blew the whistle on the reserves scandal and other nefarious activities carried out by Shell executives in breach of the much proclaimed Shell General Business Principles.

Dr Huong was buried in multiple injunctions arising from alleged defamatory postings on our website. Shell also attempted to have him committed to prison in Malaysia and was apparently keen that I should become a fellow prisoner, after they gave up trying to lure my father to Malaysia. read more

Integrity of Wikipedia corporate articles corrupted by editing scandal

On 12th October 2010, I published an article containing the warning: “…it is only a matter of time before the culture of subterfuge and deception at Wikipedia results in a scandal.” My prediction has come to pass…

By John Donovan

Jimmy Wales is to be congratulated on being the joint founder of Wikipedia and for the non-profit basis on which the organization is operated. He is obviously a man of integrity deserving of the highest praise.

Unfortunately, many contributors to Wikipedia do not share his high ethical standards and take full advantage of the fact that it is possible to edit Wikipedia corporate articles completely anonymously for financial reward, removing or suppressing negative information. Parties can completely hide any trace of their identity and motive, even their ISP addresses. read more

Warning about working for Shell in Malaysia

Above are screenshots from Shell Malaysia website taken 17 June 2011

Introduction by John Donovan

Many visitors to are aware of past litigation involving several hundred thoroughly disgruntled employees of Shell in Malaysia who sued Shell on various grounds, including wrongful dismissal and allegations that Shell management made unlawful deductions from the employee retirement fund.

That was not the only recent litigation.

Eight Royal Dutch Shell Companies joined together to sue a former Shell Malaysia Production Geologist, Dr John Huong (right), to stop him blowing the whistle on management misdeeds, including fraudulently inflating claimed hydrocarbon reserves and putting employee lives at risk due to lax safety procedures. Shell buried Dr Huong in multiple injunctions and made repeated attempts to have him imprisoned before settling the entire litigation out of court. read more


By John Donovan

Twitter is currently flooded with people trying to identity parties who have obtained Super-injunctions in an attempt to hide embarrassing information from public scrutiny.

It is not widely known that Royal Dutch Shell has been a trailblazer in using draconian litigation to silence a conscience driven whistleblower who objected to Shell defrauding its shareholders and recklessly putting employees lives at risk.

In this case, it was a multinational oil giant trying to keep the lid on a potentially highly damaging story.
read more

Court case involving allegations of racism settled by Shell

The Defendant has gone on wild rampage with Alfred Donovan to consider any wrongdoing done by any Shell company around the world. He then extrapolates from the particular – individual instances of impropriety anywhere in the world – and reaches a general conclusion that the 8 Plaintiffs have been dishonest, engage in criminal conspiracy and criminal conduct generally.

Comment by Shell General Counsel Thavakumar Kandiah Pillai about reserves whistleblower, Dr John Huong, a production geologist
read more

Shell censorship of free speech on the Internet

“I also have doubts about the wisdom of allying yourself so closely and obviously to the Donovans, who seem to have raised Shell-baiting to such a level of vituperation (cleverly mixed with plenty of apparent balance and reasonableness) that it is difficult to see how either side can compromise without losing an unacceptable amount of face (Shell) or a rich and ongoing stream of damages (the Donovans).”



Posted By Dr. John Huong (right) nickname: “none”: Subject:  Wakey Wakey on Freedom of Expression under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 (United Nations): 01/10/2005 14:53:23

Wow, I’ve just read the posting below about the 2005 Accountability Rating – the article by Alfred Donovan- the owner of the worlds self proclaimed ultimate gripe site, I am baffled why Shell allows him to comprehensively tear Shell management to pieces on countless postings all over the Internet, including Shell’s own website – while I am not allowed the freedom to make criticism of Shell, my former employer of 29 years.

There has not been a peep from the Shell webmaster on this or any other issue for some time as fellow contributors have noticed. We seem to be on our own here guys! read more

Shell employees must be able to speak out without fear of retribution

…the Group’s leadership is working very hard to promote open and honest communication within Shell, as well as with our external stakeholders. We genuinely do welcome all comments, positive and negative. We also believe that employees must be able to speak out without fear of rebuke or retribution.

John Hofmeister

By John Donovan

I have printed below a posting made in June 1999 by John Hofmeister on the “Tell Shell” forum for lively and open debate on the Internet.

Hofmeister at that time was Shell Director of Human Resources. He later became President of Shell Oil Company and is now happily retired from Shell.

The “Tell Shell” forum, buried within, was later suspended then closed down when the debate got rather more lively and open than Shell had anticipated and Shell no longer wanted to hear what employees and external stakeholders had to say. read more

The Shell whistleblower buried alive in Shell injunctions

“My deeply held religious beliefs and moral convictions put me into a very difficult position when I realised that Shell shareholders were being deliberately deceived in regards to hydrocarbon reserves: I also had reservations in regards to certain health and safety issues of conscience which caused me great concern because it is not in consonant with my values and belief system.”

Dr John Huong: an employee of Shell Malaysia for 29 years, a Production Geologist and Asset Integrity Engineer

By John Donovan

Dr Huong, a deeply religious man with high principles, blew the whistle internally on Shell senior managements deliberate inflation of claimed proven hydrocarbon reserves. As a consequence he was the subject of unprecedented collective litigation by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies who waged a campaign of terror against him for several years trying to silence him.  He was buried alive in multiple injunctions, many seeking his imprisonment. This was in blatant breach of his human rights. read more

Whistleblower 2004 email on Shell reserves scandal

Honesty and Integrity once the pillars of culture in the Shell Group, no longer appear to exist.

John Scruton

Extracts from an email we received from Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong (some personal information omitted)

From: huong john <[email protected]>
Date: 18 August 2004 14:00:32 GMT+01:00
To: John Donovan <[email protected]
Subject: RE: FW: SHELL WHAT ELSE no3

Dear Mr. Donovans,

Good evening. I pray that you are both in the best and that Mr. Donovans Senior have been to see the doctor for a check up.

I got news from my lawyers that the affidavit that was filed was acknowledged by the High Court and that they have written to the Shell Lawyers informing them of the application.  The Shell Lawyers have two weeks to respond from yesterday and the hearing will take place on 21st September 2004. After the case is set aside I will again start to contribute to your website if Shell is not going to start talking like gentlemen! read more

Donovans v. Royal Dutch Shell

By John Donovan

Printed below is our most recent correspondence with Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

It is self-explanatory.

From: John Donovan <[email protected]>
Date: 2 February 2011 14:47:14 GMT
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Section 7 (1) of the Data Protection Act


Mr. Gavin White
Company Secretarial Department
Shell International Limited

Dear Mr. White

Section 7 (1) of the Data Protection Act

As you may be aware, my father Alfred Donovan and I reached an agreement with Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, Mr Richard Wiseman, that in future our Subject Access Request applications to Shell would be made on a joint basis i.e. in the names of Alfred and John Donovan. read more

Shell’s treatment of Whistleblowers


On December 22, 1999, Mr. Overton formally announced to Ms. Sistrunk that he was working with the Department of Interior and of his status as a whistleblower. On January 19, 2000, while Mr. Overton was working on MP252, federal agents boarded the platform armed with weapons and issued grand jury subpoenas based upon alleged violations of environmental regulations.


We have already published articles revealing how Royal Dutch Shell terrorized a Malaysian whistleblower, the former Shell Production geologist, Dr John Huong. Dr Huong has accused Shell of psychological torture.

In the USA, there are Federal and State laws to protect whistleblowers from the retribution of malevolent employers such as Shell Oil.

The following are extracts of an email we received from William Overton, a Shell whistleblower who reported serious safety breaches on Shell production platforms operating in the Gulf of Mexico, including falsification by a Shell contractor of U.S. Mineral Management Service reports supplied to the U.S. Department of the Interior. read more

Overnight ‘crippling load’ on Royal Dutch Shell website

By John Donovan

As regular visitors will be aware, this website, which is operated on a dedicated high traffic server hosted in the USA,  is being brought down on a regular basis. By coincidence or otherwise,  it often seems to happen when we publish negative information about Royal Dutch Shell, such as in WikiLeak cables, or revelations concerning Shell Malaysia whistleblower, Dr John Huong.

“Distributed Denial of Service attack, it is when a server is bombarded with so many requests that it can’t respond to legitimate traffic.” read more

Invitation by Shell to a Malaysian jail cell

Article by Alfred Donovan

By June 2006 Shell Malaysia legal boss, Thavakumar Kandiah Pillai (right), had got himself into a most dreadful mess.

Two years earlier he had advised EIGHT different companies, all within the Royal Dutch Shell Group, to bring a collective defamation action against a former Shell Malaysia Production Geologist, Dr John Huong. The action was in respect of information published on an earlier version of this website, which I jointly own and operate with my son, John Donovan. read more

Royal Dutch Shell Malaysian pension fund controversy

If you haven't seen the attached, it may interest you to know that the attached is a copy of Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company's internal management exchange which was leaked by one of the employees who is disgusted with Shell. You may take note that Shell cheats on paying the Retirement Benefit Fund resulting in the class action at Miri High Court by ex and current staff of Sarawak Shell Berhad/Sabah Shell Petroleum Company.

Royal Dutch Shell tried to blackmail reserves whistleblower

Shell lawyers to Dr Huong:

…positive steps must be taken by you to ensure that these notices must be given to all persons’, not only Donovan, who are able to operate and maintain the web site. As such by simply writing to Donovan to request him to remove your postings as you have done is not in full compliance with para 3 of the order of court. We therefore expect you to take all positive steps to ensure the postings are removed and deleted immediately.

By John Donovan

In June 2004, EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies collectively sued a former Shell Malaysia employee, Dr John Huong (above), for alleged defamation in respect of articles published on this website owned and operated by Alfred and John Donovan. The litigation involved multiple injunctions served against Dr Huong, including  committal proceedings demanding his imprisonment for exposing serious misdeeds by Shell senior management, including the filing of false information about claimed hydrocarbon reserves.
read more

Shell whistleblower Dr Huong accuses Shell of psychological torture

I am very disappointed with Shell in the person of Mr. Thuvakumar for the psychological torture inflicted on me for almost four years.  In his affidavit affirmed on 6.11.2007 before the Commissioner of Oath, Mr. Thuvakumar and the Shell Counsel knew very well that I was not the author of the publications – the “Corruption crisis of the Malaysian Judiciary” and the “unlawful deduction” from the Employee’s Provident Fund from ex-Shell employees. He used the same tactics used from the outset of the litigation blaming me for internet publication by the Donovan’s over which I have no influence. read more

Dr Huong evidence refuting Shell defamation law suit

By John Donovan

After EIGHT companies within the Royal Dutch Shell Group collectively buried him in legal proceedings, including multiple injunctions, as part of a draconian defamation action in respect of allegations published on this website, former Shell production geologist, Dr John  Huong begun assembling evidence to substantiate that the allegations were true.

His efforts were hampered by sinister activities by Shell and repeated attempts by the Shell collective to have him committed to prison for alleged contempt of court in respect of further publications on this website. The High Court Judge told Shell to sue me, not Dr Huong, but Shell insisted for several years in terrorizing Dr Huong and his family to the extent, as already revealed, that he felt it necessary to use body guards. read more

Is Royal Dutch Shell a racist company?

From an outspoken former employee of Shell Oil USA

The association between Dutch companies and West Africa is centuries old. It began in earnest with the slave trade. Dutch companies were the first and largest of the slave traders. Of course, the justification of the concept of slavery was based on Biblical interpretations of the relationship between the white man and the black man, with the black man being considered to be racially inferior to the white man.

That philosophy of the white man towards the black man, and the inferior race of the ‘red man’ of the America’s, both of which were enslaved in large numbers, eventually led to the development of term ‘under men’, a concept the Nazi’s later picked up and use in their ideology of Aryan racial superiority. read more

Judge told Shell that ‘they should sue John Donovan in the UK’

By John Donovan

The email printed below from Shell Malaysia whistleblower Dr John Huong (right) to his lawyer, Trevor George De Silva, confirms that the High Court judge dealing with the defamation action brought against Dr Huong by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies, told Shell that “they should sue John Donovan in the UK”.

Since that course of action was not one Shell lawyers wished to pursue, Shell eventually had to settle with Dr Huong. Shell lawyers had also undermined their case by engaging in criminal tampering of evidence to hide important information from the judge. In other words, Shell had perverted the course of justice. read more

Dr John Huong accused Shell lawyers of tampering with evidence

May I asked you where you got all those information for your articles, the publication of which prompt Shell to take legal actions against me, in breach of my human rights and freedom?

Email received from Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong on 21 April 2008. We have provided hyperlinks to the articles he itemized.

Dear Mr. Donovans,

Good evening.

A few months ago, you wrote articles concerning the Malaysian judiciary System.  Can you confirm and tell me where the following articles were posted and the author and/or authors of those articles itemized from 1-3 below.


2. Malaysia: Judiciary and corruption (For obvious reasons the legal jurisdiction of choice for Shell)

3. HRH Sultan Azlan Shah speaks out on crisis in Malaysian judiciary.

Since posting those articles, were there any changes made to the document since then? read more

Shell: Beware the Yellow Peril



Part of Shell Brent Bravo oil platform falls into North Sea

I just read about the Brent ‘incident’. That ‘little problem’ should have been taken care of through a preventive maintenance inspection program long ago. Sea water is not only highly corrosive to steel, but cyclical loading caused by wave action can induce fatigue failure. Believe it or not, the useful life of an airplane or a submarine is determined by the number of pressurization cycles the fuselage or hull goes through. Oil tankers have a useful life based on the number of stress cycles the hull has undergone. Oil tankers have split in half because of hull fatigue failure. read more

Dr John Huong: Donovan correspondence with Royal Dutch Shell

At the age of 90 and with numerous aliments, the thought of ending up in a small room with only iron bars for a view and without air conditioning in a tropical climate, is not much of an incentive to make the trip. In other words, while pretending that my presence in court in Malaysian legal jurisdiction is essential, there is also more than a hint of intimidation attached to deter me from giving evidence in support of my sworn affidavit, which quite frankly, completely destroys Shell’s defamation case against Dr Huong. (Head cut image of Alfred Donovan courtesy of The Wall Street Journal)

Self-explanatory email correspondence between owner Alfred Donovan and Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate, Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

—–Original Message—–
From: Alfred Donovan [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: vrijdag 3 augustus 2007 12:26
To: Brandjes, Michiel CM RDS-LC
Cc: van der Veer, Jeroen J RDS-CEJV; Ollila, Jorma RDS-RDS/CH; Brinded, Malcolm A RDS-ECMB; Wiseman, Richard RM SI-LMAPF; ‘John Donovan’


Whistleblower Dr John Huong on Shell’s North Sea safety record

By John Donovan

We have hundreds of emails received from Shell Whistleblower Dr John Huong (right) during the many years when he was prohibited by the Malaysian courts from supplying information to us for publication.

This was part of the draconian defamation proceedings and related multiple injunctions brought against him by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies in respect of articles published on this website. He was also under threat of imprisonment for alleged contempt of court, again in relation to information published on this website. read more


It is surely essential… that an even-handed approach is adopted… so that would be whistleblowers and parties with genuine grievances are not deterred by the prospect that they could be ostracized, victimized, sacked and/or sued if they do come forward.

2 February 2006

Jyoti Munsiff SCO
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Royal Dutch Shell plc
Shell Centre, London SE1 7NA
Tel: +44 020 7934 3080 Fax: +44 20 7934 5140 Mobile: +44 7768 993 600
Email: [email protected]

Jyoti Munsiff,

Congratulations on your appointment as Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

As you know I am being sued by eight companies of the Royal Dutch Shell Group for alleged defamation. The relevant Shell companies have obtained a restraining order which prevents me for speaking the TRUTH in line with the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights. My rights to freedom of expression have in fact been restrained for over 18 months. I had thought that Shell supported this UN Declaration, but it seems that this assumption must be incorrect. I would welcome your clarification on this point as I am sure that my analysis must be at fault? read more

Dr Huong defence against Royal Dutch Shell defamation action

It will soon be apparent to our readers from the extracts below, why Shell settled the Dr Huong litigation out of court. A very considerable pile of extremely smelly internal dirty laundry that Shell definitely did not want aired in open court, even in Malaysia.

By John Donovan

Dr John Huong, a former Shell geologist of almost 30 years standing was the FIRST SHELL employee to blow the whistle on the Shell reserves fraud (and other important issues relating to the misdeeds of Royal Dutch Shell management). He was not prepared to tolerate  the lives of Shell employees being recklessly put at risk.

As a result Shell was determined to silence him at all costs. Hence the unprecedented spectacle of EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies collectively bringing a defamation action against one former employee – an unemployed Malaysian who had no prospect whatsoever of finding alternative employment in his profession while the litigation cloud hung over the heads of himself and his family for several years. read more

Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong and freedom of speech on the Internet

Extracts from comments by Dr John Huong regarding Alfred Donovan and the right to criticize Royal Dutch Shell on the Internet

I am baffled why Shell allows him to comprehensively tear Shell management to pieces on countless postings all over the Internet, including Shell’s own website – while I am not allowed the freedom to make criticism on Shell, my former employer of 29 years.

For anyone who doesn’t know, it is a matter of public record that I am currently the subject of a High Court Injunction and a Retraining Order obtained collectively against me by eight Royal Dutch Shell Companies. As far as I know, I am the only person on the entire planet whose freedom of expression is being curtailed by a multinational Goliath. It’s a strange feeling.
read more

Royal Dutch Shell defamation controversy

Comment by a former employee of Shell Oil USA on Dr Huong controversy


Re: Your articles on Dr. John Huong.

How in Perdition’s good name do the Malaysian courts think that they have legal jurisdiction over what is published on your website? What the Devil is that BS all about?

Furthermore, in the UK RD Shell must prove their case in court and obtain a similar form of court order against Dr. Huong and you in order to prevent Dr. Huong from speaking out publicly, and you from publishing his comments. Without such a court order Dr. Huong and you both have your legally well protected rights of freedom of speech given that Dr. Huong no longer works for RD Shell. read more

Letter from a Shell Whistleblower, Dr John Huong

By Dr. John Huong (right)

Below is a letter I last wrote on 3rd June 2004 to Shell Malaysian Management, hoping that if both sides entered into a constructive dialogue on a “without prejudice” basis, the matter could be resolved amicably despite the threats I had received on 17th May 2004 from their legal Manager Mr. Thavakumar Kandiahpillai.

It is significant that legitimate questions (“Confidentiality versus Shareholder’s interests”-25th May 2004) I posed to him about Shell’s ethical practices have remained unanswered. read more

Dr John Huong Index

Several years have now passed. Shell has spent tons of shareholder funds on draconian defamation legal proceedings with related injunctions and demands for the imprisonment of Dr. Huong. Ironically, despite a settlement between the parties, the same information is still being published on the same website. The litigation was a complete waste of time and money.

Whistleblowers devastating indictment of Shell continues

The Shell brand name has an entirely different connotation these days. It stands for deceit, cover-up, dishonesty, pollution, corruption, undercover spies, class action law suits, defective gasoline, exploitation of the poorest people on the planet; support of a murderous military regime, etc – arrogance and evil on a breathtaking scale.

(Verdict by Dr John Huong, a deeply religious, conscience driven production geologist – a Malaysian humanitarian and loyal Shell employee for 29 years)
read more

Extraordinary letter from Shell whistleblower Dr John Huong

Because my stand on this matter in consonant with Shell Group Business Principles, its governance and with Malaysian national interests in mind, I made my concerns known internally at Shell. Shell made me feel that I had sinned for having a moral compass and a conscience.

My name is Dr John Huong. Until May 2003 I was a Shell geologist for almost 30 years – a management level employee of Shell Malaysia. I specialised in many areas of earth sciences including Micropalaeontology, Petrology, Sedimentology, Field Geology, Bio-Sequence Stratigraphy, Operation Geology, Exploration Geology, Reservoir Geology and Production Geology.  I am also conversant with Petrophysics, Petroleum Engineering (i.e. Well Engineering, Reservoir Engineering) and Petroleum Economics.  In the company, I belonged to the Malaysian Senior Staff Council (MSSC) and was once its Vice President. read more

Royal Dutch Shell management accused of a ‘con-artist mentality’

By John Donovan


When I started with Shell all those years ago I was proud to be an employee of what I considered to be nothing less than the best company in the world; an internationally respected brand and an equally highly respected management. It is a matter of the deepest regret to me that the company has sunk so law with its management acquiring global notoriety for participating in a disgraceful scandal which ranks alongside the likes of Enron and WorldCom. read more

Words of warning from a Shell whistleblower

By John Donovan


Correspondence between Sir Mark Moody Stuart and Mr Richard Wiseman… shows the actual mentality of Shell Management in high places. This behaviour was inevitably imitated by executives in operating companies who followed and adopted the example of a ruthless and deceitful corporate culture practiced by those at the very top of the Royal Dutch Shell Group. read more

Prohibited words of a Royal Dutch Shell whistleblower


I will supply for publication further informed comment and revelations in the run up to Shell’s AGM… It will include examples of the toxic combination of  arrogance, greed, dishonesty, and blatant disregard for all ethical norms by Shell Management, that has culminated in the current shame heaped on the once proud Shell name.

In my experience Shell directors and Shell managers believe that truth is a precious commodity to be used as a last resort.  It has to be squeezed out of them. They prefer to deceive, make empty pledges (Shell’s code of ethics), intimidate, ostracize, hide information from their own shareholders, employees, the government who gave them the license to operate and, and finally retreating behind their army of lawyers for shelter whenever there is a prospect that management misdeeds will be exposed. read more

Royal Dutch Shell terrorist tactics against Malaysian whistleblower

“For his audacity in raising the reserves issue, Dr Huong was demoted, appointed as an asset manager with responsibility for helicopter flights. Once again, his integrity got him into trouble when he raised concerns over helicopter safety, recording in internal documents that Shell employees were being used as guinea pigs on test flights.”

By John Donovan

Dr John Huong (right), a deeply religious Malaysian humanitarian, was a loyal Shell employee for 29 years. He was proud of Shell and its claimed business principles until he discovered that they are meant only to deceive stakeholders and the public about the true nature of the company.

Dr Huong, a production geologist, fell out with senior management when he refused to endorse the falsification of hydrocarbon reserve figures. He raised the related ethical dilemma in a Shell internal document: read more




Wakey Wakey on Freedom of Expression under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948

Tell Shell: Wakey Wakey on Freedom of Expression under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 (United Nations) – By Dr. John Huong

“Wow, I’ve just read the posting below about the 2005 Accountability Rating – the article by Alfred Donovan- the owner of the worlds self proclaimed ultimate gripe site, I am baffled why Shell allows him to comprehensively tear Shell management to pieces on countless postings all over the Internet, including Shell’s own website – while I am not allowed the freedom to make criticism on Shell, my former employer of 29 years.”

Saturday 1 October 2005

(Below is a posting on “TELL SHELL” which refers to this website:

01/10/2005 14:53:23

Wow, I’ve just read the posting below about the 2005 Accountability Rating – the article by Alfred Donovan- the owner of the worlds self proclaimed ultimate gripe site, I am baffled why Shell allows him to comprehensively tear Shell management to pieces on countless postings all over the Internet, including Shell’s own website – while I am not allowed the freedom to make criticism on Shell, my former employer of 29 years. read more

Shell farcical No. 2 ranking in 2005 Accountability Rating in FORTUNE magazine

Royal Dutch Shell farcical No. 2 ranking in the 2005 “Accountability Rating” published in FORTUNE magazine

Tuesday 27 September 2005 08.15am ET

By Alfred and John Donovan

27 Sept 2005

How much faith can investors/stakeholders have in a rating methodology capable of conjuring up a ranking which has no relationship to reality?

Royal Dutch/Shell Group is No. 2 in the rankings of the 2005 “Accountability Rating” announced on 22nd September in Fortune magazine. This is a rating on corporate responsibility of the prestigious FORTUNE Global 100 companies. The Accountability Rating is apparently not a measure of how good or bad a company is, but supposedly how smart. It follows that by removing or diminishing the ethical dimension in a corporate rating assessment, a bad company can be made to look good. read more

Is Royal Dutch Shell Plc adopting racist policies against its Malaysian employees?

Is Royal Dutch Shell Plc adopting racist policies against its Malaysian employees?

Thursday 22 September 2005 00.10 am EDT NY

Datuk Jon Chadwick
Chairman of Shell Malaysia (Shown right)

By Alfred Donovan has obtained a leaked copy of a recent email from Shell Malaysia Country Chairman, Datuk Jon Chadwick to all Shell employees in Malaysia, which responds to points raised exclusively on this website. A number of our articles have focused on the strikingly different approach adopted by Shell in response to employee class action lawsuits brought by its USA staff, as opposed to its utterly ruthless treatment dished out to Shell Malaysian employees. read more

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