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Shell to Sea protesters ought to pipe down

The Shell to Sea campaign, led and supported by the miffeds, and backed by variegated bands of republicans, faced down the gardai in protest after protest.

Four binary questions divide most western societies. Which is the more important: mercy or justice? Idealism or pragmatism? Truth or freedom? Diversity or unity?

If you answered “mercy, idealism, freedom and diversity” you probably supported the Shell to Sea campaign and are delighted that Royal Dutch Shell, having got its fingers burnt in Co Mayo, is now leaving. You also think that anti-wind farm protesters are reactionary luddites who don’t care about global warming. Also, you are probably female or a “feminist” male, work in the public sector and are a soft republican. We’ll call you M-I-F-D: “miffed”. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Northern Panhandle Activity Picking Up in Wake of Shell’s Cracker Plans

Royal Dutch Shell is building a $6 million cracker in Monaca, Pennsylvania, and nearby businesses are already seeing positive effects

As signs go, Eagle Manufacturing‘s Joe Eddy sees plenty that tell him the Upper Ohio Valley’s economic fortunes are changing.

With one ethane cracker under construction in nearby Monaca, Pennsylvania, and another on the table in nearby Dilles Bottom, Ohio, Eddy says it’s no longer a question of “if” West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle will benefit, but when.

“This opportunity is generational; it’s the best opportunity we’ve had to see growth in the valley for 50 years,” Eddy said. “This type of growth has really never been afforded in the local area. It’s still a big story; it’s the best thing West Virginia has going for it.” read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

Oil companies facing legal action after breakdowns, flaring and pollution

Rob Edwards: 16th July 2017

THE multinational oil companies that run the Mossmorran petrochemical complex in Fife are facing a legal crackdown for breaching pollution limits and endangering health after nine days of “unplanned” gas flares.

ExxonMobil and Shell are also being beset by demands for an independent inquiry into their ageing plants, which suffered a series of breakdowns last month. The worst incident resulted in a large pall of thick black smoke over Fife on June 18.

Both companies have been accused of “showing contempt for the community” by failing to turn up for a packed public meeting in Lochgelly Town Hall on July 5. Angry residents also attacked public agencies for failing to do enough to protect them from pollution, noise and vibrations. read more and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan
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