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Chinese Whispers about the death of a Hakluyt agent

The fact that Mr Heywood worked for Hakluyt (the corporate intelligence firm closely linked with Shell), is said to be seen by some as a clue to his untimely death. Titled Shell directors were the ultimate spymasters and major shareholders in Hakluyt.


Dear Mr Brandjes

I am sure you will be aware of the recent articles concerning sinister events in China.

Today, BBC News published an article: China arrests over coup rumours

Almost all of the articles contain a reference to Mr Neil Heywood, the 41 year old Englishmen found dead in mysterious circumstances at a hotel in the Chinese city, Chongqing.

The Telegraph published a related article earlier today under the headline: ‘I think Neil Heywood was killed… everyone’s scared’. read more

Shell’s Alaska Plan Doesn’t Eliminate Spill Risks, GAO Says

By Katarzyna Klimasinska – Mar 30, 2012 9:00 PM GMT+0100

Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA)’s plan for oil drilling off Alaska’s north coast fails to deal with some risks linked to operating in the remote region, the U.S. Government Accountability Office said.

The federal watchdog’s comment strengthens calls from environmental groups, such as the Natural Resources Defense Council and Alaskan native people, that have been urging President Barack Obama’s administration to delay Arctic oil exploration. read more

GAO finds Arctic offshore-drilling risks despite toughened oversight

Congressional auditors say in a newly released report that oil giant Royal Dutch Shell’s plans to drill in Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast will present environmental risks, despite the company’s plans to prevent and contain accidents.

By Ben Geman – 03/30/12 01:26 PM ET

Congressional auditors say in a newly released report that oil giant Royal Dutch Shell’s plans to drill in Arctic waters off Alaska’s coast will present environmental risks, despite the company’s plans to prevent and contain accidents.

The Government Accountability Office, in a wider report on Interior Department offshore regulation, concludes that federal officials will face “challenges” providing “sufficient oversight.” read more

Shell gets injunction for Arctic drill ships

The Associated Press March 29, 2012, 7:10PM ET


A federal judge has ordered representatives of Greenpeace USA to stay a kilometer away from Shell Oil’s drilling vessels destined for Arctic Ocean waters off Alaska’s northern shores.

The 29-page order signed Wednesday by Judge Sharon Gleason in Anchorage grants a preliminary injunction requested by Shell through Oct. 31, the end of the open water drilling season. A 500-meter safety zone is in place for support vessels. read more

The man who shook Shell

By Clémence Grison (paris): 29.03.2012

John Donovan, who worked with Shell, reveals damaging information on the oil giant. This personal revenge has already cost the Anglo-Dutch company billions of dollars.

John Donovan, 64, is a meticulous man and very knowledgeable. For several years he has spent most of his time on what he describes as his “super-hobby”: the website with scoops on the evils of the multinational.

We simply ask the leaders of Shell to respect the principles they claim to honor already. read more

Village Claims Shell Oil Ruined Its Water

Roxana, a village of 1,550 in Southern Illinois, claims in court that a Shell oil refinery contaminated the village’s water and soil with benzene levels as much as 26,000 times greater than allowed by state law.

By JOE HARRIS: Thursday, March 29, 2012

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (CN) – Roxana, a village of 1,550 in Southern Illinois, claims in court that a Shell oil refinery contaminated the village’s water and soil with benzene levels as much as 26,000 times greater than allowed by state law.

The Village of Roxana sued Shell Oil, Equilon Enterprises dba Shell Oil Products, ConocoPhillips, WRB Refining, Cenovus GPO and affiliates, in Madison County Court.

Roxana says the pollution comes from Shell’s Wood River refinery. read more

Thieves steal £2.8bn of oil out of Shell’s pipelines in Niger Delta

By Rob Davies In Port Harcourt, Nigeria: PUBLISHED: 20:59, 28 March 2012 |

Thieves siphoned up to $4.5bn (£2.8bn) of oil out of Shell’s pipelines in the Niger Delta last year, in a worsening epidemic that threatens to overwhelm efforts to reduce oil spills.

‘Bunkering’ – the industry term for stealing oil from pipelines – resulted in lost production of up to 100,000 barrels per day last year.

The sheer scale of the problem means SPDC – Shell’s joint venture with the Nigerian government – is losing more oil to bunkering than is produced by countries such as Tunisia and Ukraine. read more

Want to buy some oil wells?

By John Donovan

Its another normal day at the Donovan household in Colchester.

One party who contacted me offered to sell us some oil wells.

Another asked us to provide a Well Completion Update.

A few days ago, one of the job applications we received was for the Shell Spy police in Nigeria. Applicant submitted an impressive CV.

Also received many business propositions from China.

Shell seems perfectly relaxed about the Donovans acting on their behalf in handling these matters and it all keeps life interesting for us. read more

US To Approve Shell’s Alaska Oil Spill Response Plan – Interior Secretary

Published March 28, 2012 Dow Jones Newswires

WASHINGTON –  Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday the department would approve Royal Dutch Shell’s (RDSA, RDSA.LN) oil-spill response plan for exploratory oil wells in the Beaufort Sea this summer, a move the company called “another major milestone” toward drilling there this summer.

Salazar, speaking at a press conference about Atlantic Ocean energy development, said the approval would come later Wednesday as part of the Obama administration’s effort to support oil and gas development as well as renewable energy. read more

Peter Voser, the boss of Shell, got just over £10m

One of the standout features of the pay of boardroom bosses for 2011 is the number who seem to be at or near the £10m mark for their take-home packages.

For example, Peter Voser, the boss of Shell, got just over £10m while Marjorie Scardino, the chief executive of Pearson, received £9.6m.


John Donovan, Shell’s nightmare

Picture Caption: John Donovan in 2009. On his website, this former adman has posted more than 25,000 items on oil giant Shell.

Thanks to a network of “moles” inside the company, this early retiree from Britain is posting on his website reports on shortcomings inside the world’s largest oil group. It’s a dogged pursuit that has already cost the Anglo-Dutch giant several billions.

Christoph Giesen

The enemy is on his way. Waking early, he drives to London, leaves the car around the corner in a parking garage, and heads to York Road and the entrance of the Shell Centre, the headquarters of the most powerful oil company in the world. The Centre is a huge gray concrete block right by the River Thames. When the oil executives look out their windows, they see the British Parliament and the London Eye, Europe’s largest Ferris wheel. And now and then, peering down at the entrance, they can see John Donovan, the early retiree from Colchester in East Anglia. The man who is costing Shell billions. read more

Elgin platform gas leak: Shell evacuates Shearwater

The BBC understands workers were told ‘this is not a drill’, before being evacuated

26 March 2012 Last updated at 20:18

Elgin platform gas leak: Shell evacuates Shearwater.

Oil workers have been removed from a second platform and drilling rig in the North Sea because of safety concerns.

A gas leak near a rig 150 miles (240km) off Aberdeen led to the evacuation of the Elgin platform on Sunday.

Now Shell has moved 85 non-essential staff from a nearby platform Shearwater platform and Hans Deul drilling rig because of the drifting gas.

The oil giant said the move was a “precautionary measure” because of drifting gas. read more

Motiva designates its attorney as an expert in age discrimination suit

3/26/2012 1:28 PM By David Yates

Motiva has designated its attorney as an expert witness concerning attorney’s fees in an age discrimination suit set to go to trial in June.

As previously reported, Tyler resident Kurt Floersheim filed suit against his former employer, Motiva Enterprises, on April 15, 2011, in Jefferson County District Court, alleging he was laid off so that two younger men could replace him.

Motiva, represented by attorney Robert Hambright of the Orgain, Bell & Tucker law firm in Beaumont, designated Hambright as an expert to testify on attorney’s fees on March 22, court records show. read more

Shell Arctic icebreaker christened in Louisiana shipyard

Elizabeth Itta, a 12-year-old from Nuiqsut, christened Shell's 360-foot-long icebreaker Aiviq on Saturday in Louisiana. The vessel will soon be headed to Alaska as part of the company's plans to drill four exploratory wells in July.

Age discrimination at Shell Motiva Port Arthur Refinery?

They would target the individuals they wanted to get rid of and then they would pressure them to accept the severance package.

FROM A POSTING ON OUR SHELL BLOG BY “oldwhitemaleon Mar 26th, 2012

I recently read on this website about the employee at Motiva Port Arthur who has a pending lawsuit against Motiva Port Arthur for age discrimination.

I’ve seen Motiva Norco use this same practice for years. The people that were usually offered severance packages were white male employees over 50 years old. They informed them that they were poor performers or redundant in their job position and that if they didn’t accept the severance package they would likely be terminated at a later date and not be offered the severance package. read more

Shell Asia fuel oil head quits, 2nd in a year – sources

By Yaw Yan Chong

SINGAPORE | Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:48am BST

(Reuters) – The team leader of oil major Royal Dutch Shell’s Asia fuel oil trading desk has left the company to join European trader Vitol, the second team leader to do so in a year, industry sources said on Friday.

Dominique Laborde resigned from his position last week, and is currently serving three months of gardening leave, an industry practice where traders are paid to stay away from the market for a certain period of time for confidentiality reasons. He is expected to start in Vitol’s U.S. office around the middle of the year, they added. read more

Shameless, unrepentant and corrupt, Bertie Ahern

So there you have it. An Irish Prime Minister who has a track record of corruption associated with planning matters and a greedy ruthless oil giant, also with a track record of corruption. A true meeting of like minds.

By John Donovan

Earlier today the The Mail Online reported an announcement by the corrupt, disgraced former Irish Premier Bertie Ahern, that he is quitting Fianna Fáil, the political party he joined some 40 years ago and led for 14 years.

He left knowing that he was about to be ejected from the party after Mahon Tribunal judges, investigating allegations of corrupt payments to politicians, relating mainly to planning decisions, said they did not believe any of the evidence he had given to them. read more

Shell scrambles to pay huge bill for Iran oil

“Shell is working hard to figure out a way to pay NIOC,” said an industry source, who requested anonymity. “It’s very sensitive and very difficult. They want to stay on good terms with Iran, while abiding by sanctions.”

By Richard Mably and Peg Mackey

LONDON | Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:18am BST

(Reuters) – Royal Dutch Shell is struggling to pay off $1 billion that it owes Iran for crude oil because European Union and U.S. financial sanctions now make it almost impossible to process payments, industry sources said.

Four sources said the oil major owes a large sum to the National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC) for deliveries of crude, with one putting the figure at close to $1 billion. A debt of that size would equate to roughly four large tanker loads of Iranian crude or about 8 million barrels. read more

Shell Job Application Farce

Shell has been prepared to put up with the ignominy of its “No1 Enemy” receiving private communications meant for the company. Several years ago Mr Michiel Brandjes (right), Company Secretary & General Counsel Corporate, gave us written permission to vet incoming mail on behalf of Shell, using our discretion to remove and destroy what we consider to be spam and pass on to Shell what we decide they ought to see!

By John Donovan

Because Royal Dutch Shell Plc petulantly decided to keep trading under the name Royal Dutch Shell Plc  despite knowing that my father, Alfred Donovan, had registered the domain name, a certain amount of unforeseen confusion was probably inevitable.

Shell tried to escape humiliation by attempting to seize the domain name, issuing proceedings against him. Shell lost the case and did not bother to appeal against a unanimous verdict, which resulted in yet more embarrassment.
read more

Shell Sued in U.K. Over ’Massive’ 2008 Nigerian Oil Spills

By Erik Larson – Mar 23, 2012 5:02 PM GMT

A unit of Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), Europe’s largest oil company, was sued in Britain by 11,000 Nigerians who say their land, rivers and wetlands were spoiled by two “massive” spills in the Niger River delta in 2008.

The lawsuit against Shell’s Nigerian subsidiary was filed in London today by residents of the coastal Bodo community after talks failed to produce a deal, the group’s law firm Leigh Day & Co. said in a statement. While Shell admits liability for the leaks, it claims local people spilled most of the oil. read more

Toxic pay spotlight shifts beyond bank bosses

Whatever the measure, some question whether a CEO deserves the credit for the outcomes for which he or she is rewarded. Peter Voser, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Europe's largest company by market capitalization, enjoyed a doubling in his pay in 2011 to 11.7 million euros, largely thanks to a three-year bonus scheme linked to cashflow.

However, the rise in cashflow was tied to three giant projects sanctioned by Voser's predecessor, Jeroen van der Veer - who famously declared that he would not have performed any better or worse had he been paid more or less - and devised by van der Veer's predecessor, Phil Watts.

Nigerians sue Shell in London over Delta pollution

Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:46pm EDT

* Multi-million-dollar claim filed for 11,000 Nigerians

* Shell accepts responsibility for two spills in 2008

* Says it cleaned up but criminals caused more pollution

* Case could set precedents for other oil companies

By Estelle Shirbon

LONDON, March 23 (Reuters) – A group of 11,000 Nigerians launched a suit against Royal Dutch Shell at the London High Court on Friday, seeking tens of millions of dollars in compensation for two oil spills in 2008 that they say destroyed their livelihoods. read more

Concerns over ‘insanity’ of Shell South Africa fracking plans

Western Cape, South Africa (CNN) — South Africa has an energy deficit on its hands. Too many people want fuel for their cars and electricity for their homes, and the country is struggling to keep up with demand.

To help ease this perceived crisis the big companies want to start drilling for natural gas using a controversial drilling technique called fracking. Under the plans the drilling will be done in one of the most remote and beautiful places in South Africa, the Karoo. read more

11,000 Nigerians sue Shell in London Courts today, Friday 23 March 2012

“It is hard to believe that Shell would have acted in this way if a spill had occurred in any of their other pipelines on other continents. I have little doubt that in the minds of the Shell executives there is one law for Africa and another law for the rest of the world.”

By John Donovan

On 3 August 2011, The Guardian newspaper published an article announcing that: “Shell accepts liability for two oil spills in Nigeria

It said that Shell faces a potential payout running to several hundred millions of dollars as a result of a class action law suit brought on behalf of communities in Bodo, Ogoniland.

The magnitude of the oil spill was allegedly comparable with the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska.

If Leigh Day & Co – the lawyers acting for the plaintiffs – thought Shell’s admission meant that Shell intended to act honorably and that the case could therefore be settled quickly, they were sadly mistaken. read more

Shell’s Lawsuit Against Environmental Organizations Courts Disaster

…Shell also settled a case charging them with collaborating with the Niger military to kill environmental activists who led the protests.

Shell is suing 12 environmental organizations to preempt legal challenges to exploration in the Arctic Ocean. The environmental groups include, among others, the Center for Biological Diversity, the National Audubon Society, Oceana (full disclosure: Oceana is a source for CSRHub ratings) and the Sierra Club. Crazy isn’t it, Shell, a $378 billion company, attacking the National Audubon Society? It’s a bully image that can only hurt, and Shell should know better because it’s happened to them over and over again. read more

Southern Illinois village takes on Shell over pollution claims

By Associated Press 10:48 a.m. CDT, March 21, 2012

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (AP) — A village in southern Illinois is suing Shell, ConocoPhillips and a local refinery, alleging they released millions of pounds of cancer-causing pollutants.The (Alton) Telegraph reports ( ) the lawsuit was filed in Madison County on Tuesday on behalf of the village of Roxana, northeast of St. Louis.The lawsuit cites 18 incidents over several years in which the village claims benzene and other pollutants were spilled into the air, water and soil. It seeks damages to recover the costs of removing pollutants from water and limiting damage to public health.Shell Oil Co. spokeswoman Kayla Macke says the company hasn’t been given a copy of the lawsuit and can’t comment. WRB Refining LP referred calls to parent company ConocoPhillips, where a spokesman didn’t immediately return a message Wednesday.___Information from: The Telegraph, read more

Corporate Social Responsibility – what it really means

…if Shell had been treating an oil field in the U.S. or Europe in the way that it has its assets in the Niger Delta, where 2,000 major spillage sites have never been cleaned up, then the political and media fallout would be similar to what BP is now struggling with in the United States.

By Paddy Briggs

The calamity of BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster continues to put corporate reputation as a subject very much in the spotlight and, hardly surprisingly, many commentators contrast BP’s past attempts to claim the moral highground on environmental matters with the stark reality of what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. The idea that corporations should be “socially responsible” whilst fashionable is not new – and it remains an extremely controversial concept. Let me try and delve into what Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) really means – and explain that all too often CSR has been just a tool of a company’s reputation management/Public Relations activities rather than something that sets strict behavioural norms. In all too many cases CSR reports are selective, partial and glossy window-dressing – leading to charges of “Greenwash” – rather than true reflections of a corporation’s actual non-financial (Health, Safety, Environment etc.) performance. read more

U.S. Gulf Fuel Rises After Texas Refinery Reports Outage

By Aaron Clark – Mar 21, 2012 8:34 PM GMT

U.S. Gulf Coast gasoline strengthened after Motiva Enterprises LLC reported a power failure at its Port Arthur refinery in Texas.

“Operations followed stabilize, slow down, and shutdown procedures to minimize emissions” after an electrical storm knocked out power, the company said in a filing with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The failure caused emissions from a fluid catalytic cracker, the filing showed. read more

Local Push Global Pull: The Untold History of the Athabaska Oil Sands


Dear John

I have in the past viewed your web site and have always found the items interesting.  Thus, I am being so bold to tell you about a book that I have written on the early oil sands history in which I have included a chapter devoted to Royal Dutch Shell that some of your visitors might find to be of interest.

The chapter centres around three separate requests that Shell put forth before the government of Canada that was greatly opposed when news of the request was leaked.  The year 1917.  The request – sole concession of the northern half of the province of Alberta and an even larger portion of land along the Mackenzie River in the NWT.  In total, the concession amounted to 75,000 square miles larger than the whole of Alberta. read more

Shell Tramples Our Civil Rights

Yesterday, in a small courtroom in Alaska, David met Goliath once again. Greenpeace USA’s small team of lawyers came face to face with representatives from Shell, the multinational oil company seeking one of the broadest legal injunctions ever sought against an entirely peaceful environmental group. The judge’s decision will resonate far beyond Anchorage and help determine the future of activism in this country.

A little backstory is needed here. In a desperate attempt to shore up its proven reserves, Shell is betting the ranch on new drilling in Arctic waters. Its executives purr reassuringly about ‘energy independence,’ as if one more hit of the black stuff will be enough to lower gas prices, ease our financial pain and bring back the dreamy nineties. Rather than seeing melting sea ice for what it really is — a flashing warning sign of continental proportions — this increasingly desperate company wants to drill for more of the fossil fuel that is causing the problem in the first place. read more

Royal Dutch Shell in Deal for China Shale Gas

March 21, 2012


BEIJING—Royal Dutch Shell RDSB -1.33% PLC has signed the first-ever production-sharing contract to explore, develop and produce shale gas in China, a move that fits in with China’s overall strategy to bring technical and operational know-how to the development of its untapped reserves of the unconventional fuel.

Although Shell didn’t specify contract details in a statement Tuesday, the pact marks a milestone in China’s development of shale gas, which has been hindered by the lack of a template showing how production-sharing contracts between foreign and local companies would work. read more

Shell to pay $25M to Nigerian communities

Published: March. 20, 2012 at 10:39 PM

OSHODI, Nigeria, March 20 (UPI) — Shell Petroleum Development Co. was ordered by a Nigerian court to pay more than $25 million to five communities in Imo state for a 1997 oil spill.

The communities sued Shell for compensation for immediate direct losses to their means of livelihood caused by the oil spill, The Guardian in Oshodi, Nigeria, reported Tuesday.

In 1997, a Shell pipeline ruptured along the Egbema-Assa delivery line and a large volume of crude oil became trapped underground until the soil became saturated with water, causing the oil to travel to the surface. The oil damaged swamps, streams and forests of the Umudike, Alimiri Umudike, Ekpe Agah, Ukpazizi Ekpe Mbede and Etekuru communities. read more

Globalization of class action lawsuits

From the outset of the litigation, Lead Counsel used our website to generate witnesses and evidence, including important information from Dr John Huong, the Shell production geologist who blew the whistle on the reserves fraud.

By John Donovan

In January 2006, a U.S. Federal Judge set a deadline of 1st March 2006, to find a Royal Dutch Shell shareholder qualified to act as a representative of all non-US Shell shareholders in a global expansion of the U.S. class action litigation already underway in respect of the oil reserves scandal.

Shell had, for a number of years, deliberately filed Form 20F returns with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission containing false information about its claimed proven hydrocarbon reserves. read more

Sueddeutsche Zeitung article on Royal Dutch Shell Plc .com

I am described as having a stately stomach and accurately combed hair over a bald head. So we know that the journalist in question is unbiased, fearless, and truthful.

By John Donovan

On Saturday 17 March 2012 the largest broadsheet German daily national newspaper, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, published a whole page article by the journalist Christoph Giesen about this website, which it correctly says has cost Shell billions of dollars.

SEE: Royal Dutch Shell’s No1 Enemy

The article is displayed below divided into two images, each of which can be enlarged by clicking on the image. PDF and English translation versions will be published.

I am described as having a stately stomach and accurately combed hair over a bald head. So we know that the journalist in question is unbiased, fearless, and truthful.
read more

Plaintiff in suit against Shell dies

Disher’s complaint alleges that Shell has known about the dangers of benzene causing cancer for decades but, despite its knowledge, publicly minimized and hid the dangers. Shell has denied the key allegations in the suit but acknowledges that benzene in certain amounts may be a carcinogen.

By SANFORD J. SCHMIDT March 19, 2012 6:57 PM

EDWARDSVILLE – A 28-year-old East Alton man who sued Shell Oil Co. and others for allegedly causing his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma has died of the disease.

“The complaint will now, sadly, be converted to a wrongful death case,” said Chris Dysart, his attorney.

John “Zac” Disher died March 3 at the Siteman Center in St. Louis. He was the son of Terry and Kathy (Dorsey) Disher of Rosewood Heights.

He was an avid sports fan and member of the grounds crew at Busch Stadium for the six years prior to his death. read more

An open wound for Shell

SundayTimes19thJuly2009Some Shell employees complained on their website that a “Swiss Mafia” is running the group.

Meanwhile, staff flocked to to attack the groups management.

Influential? you bet. The Donovans and their blog are regularly quoted in the mainstream media? no doubt that the father-and-son team is an ongoing headache for Shell.

By John Donovan (article updated end of 2013)

We have published below a selection of links to newspaper, magazine and book extracts featuring comments/reports relating to this website.
read more

Shell steps up gas production, despite North American hurdles


OTTAWA— From Monday’s Globe and Mail 19 March 2012

Royal Dutch Shell PLC is doubling-down on its natural gas bet, despite a depressed North American market that has seen many producers shut in production.

The international oil company is the world’s premier gas company, producing and shipping more of the cleaner-burning fuel, in more markets, than any of its global competitors.

It is leading the charge on the twin challenges of natural gas – the difficulty in transporting it and the glut in North America – by pursuing liquefied natural gas exports to premium markets, and by investing in technology that processes raw gas into far more valuable liquid or chemical products or pioneers it use as a transportation fuel. read more

Royal Dutch Shell’s No1 Enemy

The article says that the content of an email sent to President Pution in Moscow was explosive and that the leaked information, which cost Shell its majority stake in the Sakhalin 2 project, came from me, John Donovan.

By John Donovan

On Saturday 17 March 2012 the largest broadsheet German daily national newspaper, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, published a whole page article by the journalist Christoph Giesen about this website, which it says has cost Shell billions of dollars.

The headline is “Konzernfeind No.1” freely translated as: “The Company’s (Shells) Enemy No.1”

Mr Giesen made several trips to meet me in the UK during the course of preparing his article and had sight of numerous documents, including Shell internal communications and my related email correspondence with President Putin and the so-called Kremlin attack dog, Oleg Mitvol. read more

Brazil to charge Chevron executives over fresh oil leak

Brazilian prosecutors say they will bring criminal charges against 17 executives from the US oil company Chevron and drilling contractor Transocean after a new leak of crude.

18 March 2012

Brazilian prosecutors say they will bring criminal charges against 17 executives from the US oil company Chevron and drilling contractor Transocean after a new leak of crude.

The executives have been barred from leaving the country until the investigation concludes.

Chevron halted production in Brazil after the new oil leak was found on the seabed off Brazil earlier this week.

The seepage is near a well where there was a major oil spill last November.

A Chevron spokeswoman said the company had no comment on the latest legal moves because it had not been notified of the decision. read more

BP and Shell fight over African oil find

Italian search for partner to drill massive field off Mozambique attracts biggest energy players

Mark Leftly: SUNDAY 18 MARCH 2012

BP and Royal Dutch Shell are looking at a $4bn (£2.5bn) stake in a gas field in Mozambique, a sale that would confirm East Africa as the hottest growth area in world energy.

Eni, the Italian oil and gas giant, has claimed that the Area-4 gas find is the biggest in its history, but is looking to sell down its 70 per cent stake to find a partner who can help shoulder the capital expenditure.

There has been a huge surge in interest in the region, and several parties are understood to have flown to Milan to discuss buying a 20 per cent share of the field. Even taking the lower estimates of similar deals in the region, and ignoring the probable premium to work with an established player like Eni, that stake should be worth more than $4bn. read more

Cash flows and oil spills for Shell’s directors

The CEO of the Royal Dutch Shell oil company Peter Voser earned more than $16.3 million last year amid surging oil prices, though the company was responsible for more than 200 spills last year.

16 March 2012

The CEO of the Royal Dutch Shell oil company Peter Voser earned more than $16.3 million last year amid surging oil prices, though the company was responsible for more than 200 spills last year.

­His remuneration includes $7.11 million salary, bonus as well as a balance from the long-terms incentive scheme. The company revealed Voser’s pay in its annual report saying, though the payment has doubled compared to 2010. It was justified by Shell’s strong operating results and share-price performance in 2011. read more

Long road from Nigeria to Supreme Court

Case accuses Shell of complicity in human rights atrocities

Charles Wiwa is a nephew of the Nigerian writer Ken Saro-Wiwa. He’s part of a group of Nigerian refugees involved in suing the Royal Dutch Shell oil company. (Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune / March 12, 2012)

Mary Schmich: March 18, 2012
Charles Wiwa’s old friends from Ogoniland picked him up at his South Side Chicago home a couple of weeks ago in a Chevy Venture van, and they hit the road.

Destination: the Supreme Court of the United States.

Wiwa had been in court before, like the time back in Nigeria when his famous uncle, Ken Saro-Wiwa, was sentenced to death, but he’d certainly never been to the highest court in this country.

He was excited. So were his friends. Their class-action lawsuit against the Royal Dutch Shell oil company had made it to Washington, D.C., and they were determined to be there too.

I-94 to I-80 to I-76, they talked the whole way.

They talked about the place they grew up, a small, humid pocket of the Niger Delta, where electricity was rare and if you read at night, it was by moonlight, a place where water came from wells and generations of families stayed close even after oil changed everything. read more

Greenpeace activists board Shell-contracted icebreakers in Helsinki

Friday, 16 March, 2012 – 21:23

Greenpeace Nordic activists have today scaled and boarded two Shell-contracted icebreakers in Helsinki, occupying the vessels as they prepared to sail for the Alaskan Arctic to support Shell’s Arctic oil drilling there.

Once onboard the Fennica and Nordica, about 20 activists deployed huge banners on the crane on the quay, by the side of Nordica and a third one on the bow of Fennica as well as handing out brooms and shovels to the crew. Amazingly, using brooms and shovels is the most advanced strategy the industry has for removing oil from ice, as demonstrated in both Shell’s own oil response plan for the Chukchi Sea and during the Godafoss oil spill in ice-covered Norwegian waters last year. read more

Shell bosses cash in with shares plan sharing £54.5m between 19 senior staff

By Rob Davies

PUBLISHED: 22:18, 15 March 2012 | UPDATED: 22:18, 15 March 2012

Shell’s top brass doubled their money in 2011 as the firm’s performance triggered generous share awards under an incentive scheme that has since been scrapped.

Nineteen senior staff shared £54.5m compared to £26.9m last year, while they also picked up pension benefits worth a further £5.9m.

Chief executive Peter Voser pocketed a pay, bonus and shares package worth £10.12m, while director Malcolm Brinded earned £9.88m and finance director Simon Henry had to make do with £3.25m. read more

Gazprom and Shell discuss further joint efforts in Russia and abroad

03/16/2012 | 02:43am

The Gazprom headquarters hosted today a working meeting between Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Company’s Management Committee and Peter Voser, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell.

The parties discussed the joint efforts within the Protocol on Strategic Global Cooperation.

Special attention was paid to the interaction within the Sakhalin II project and possible cooperation deepening in geological exploration, production, processing and distribution of hydrocarbons in Russia and abroad. read more

Shell’s Labor Costs Rose In 2011 Despite Fewer Workers

Published March 15, 2012: Dow Jones Newswires

LONDON –  The cost of Royal Dutch Shell PLC’s global work force rose 2.8% last year, even though the Anglo-Dutch company reduced its overall number of employees by some 7.2% as the company continues to roll out a long-term plan to shrink headcount.

In recent years, Shell has sought to reshape its portfolio, selling off assets in less-profitable areas like refining and marketing. Chief Executive Peter Voser had made reducing the firm’s overall cost base, including labor, part of his strategic mandate when he assumed his position in 2009. read more

£10.1m is Shell of a pay packet for oil giant’s boss

By STEVE HAWKES, Business Editor Published: Today at 13:41

THE BOSS of SHELL trousered £10.1million last year – and didn’t spend a penny on petrol.

The oil giant’s annual report today revealed chief executive Peter Voser made a fortune in bonuses and long-term share awards.

Benefits included “company provided transport for home-to-office commuting”.

It came as a government-commissioned report said there are nearly EIGHT MILLION Brits in “fuel poverty”.

Shell made huge profits of £18billion – or £2million an hour – last year as oil prices soared to near record levels.

On average Shell filling stations are more expensive than supermarket forecourts. read more

Shell Oil picks Pittsburgh-area site for multi-billion-dollar petrochemical refinery

By Associated Press, Updated: Thursday, March 15, 6:24 PM

PITTSBURGH — Shell Oil Co. has chosen a site near Pittsburgh for a major, multi-billion-dollar petrochemical refinery that could provide a huge economic boost to the region.

Dan Carlson, Shell’s General Manager of New Business Development, said Thursday that the company signed a land option agreement with Horsehead Corp. to evaluate a site near Monaca, about 35 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania had all sought the plant and offered Shell major tax incentives. Monaca is about 15 miles from both the Ohio and West Virginia borders, so workers in all three states are likely to benefit. read more

Pay of Shell chief more than doubles


By Sylvia Pfeifer March 15, 2012 6:00 pm

Peter Voser, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, Europe’s largest oil and gas company by market capitalisation, took home €11.7m last year, more than double his pay in the previous 12 months…

Shell also disclosed that Malcolm Brinded, who will step down as head of exploration and production in April, will receive a severance payment of €2.52m.


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